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by Faith Muwar Mpara - Thursday, 23 September 2021, 10:21 PM
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Three years ago, I applied for the role of the Sales Development Representative with Crossover. Before this time, I had been doing the job of a Sales Representative with New Generation Technologies. And had learned the famous rule “sell the benefits to the user and not the product features”. But guess what, I was the passionate Engineer. Totally obsessed with my products and had gone around selling the amaaaaaaaaaaaazing features smile . It was just a rule and we could flout it depending on atmospheric temperature and pressure. By the way, I still got some results; the first Anglo-Saxon secondary school in Cameroon used our Scholar. Few months into business and our Scholar was managing records for thousands of students and saving manual hours for teachers and school administrators. This is not a story about Scholar, but I hope you get the background.

A scenario with water

Now I want us to really look at what this could look like in real life. Imagine two people selling pure water while it’s very sunny and people are likely to be thirsty. Person A shouts “This water is amazing. Every molecule of this water has two amazing Hydrogen atoms and an extraordinary oxygen atom. As if this was not enough, oxygen and hydrogen are linked by the famous covalent bond in this relationship. You owe it to yourself to have a taste of H2O.”  Now, Person B goes “Quench your thirst, stay hydrated and be effective on your job with this spring fresh water”. While person A goes for the features, person B pushes with the benefits. Person A even gives you the luxury of recalling junior secondary chemistry 😊(whether you like it or not). Guess which one I will be most tempted to buy. I hope you’re not disappointed, but who I choose  will probably depend on what I ate, what side of the bed I used in the morning, my mood and lots of other things that you may not want to know. What option connects better with you?

A scenario with a prospective boyfriend/girlfriend

Let’s consider the second case that is probably more common than we may want to admit; dating. Assume that you are a lady on LBS’s busy MBA program.  Chuks lengthy emails just hit your inbox at a time when you have not fully recovered from the exam score for Analysis of Business Problems (ABP). Guy A walks up to you and goes; “I am 2m tall, I have a very strong sense of humour, my bank account can fund the state budget for the next 20 years and I am the smartest person you will ever meet. Can we date?”. Guy B walks up to you and says, “You look stressed is everything okay? It’s understandable if this feels awkward to you. We have not talked before and I’ll totally respect your decision if now is not good time. But if there’s anyway that I could be of help, please don’t hesitate to let me know”.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees

Just like the first case, there is a thousand and one different ways that each of these discussions could proceed. In the first case, the features are prioritised. This does not stop the buyer from connecting perceived benefits. But with the benefits, the buyer is centred and is the driver of the offering.




Sales is natural and conversational. We carryout this activity in our lives every day. There are times when we get obsessed with ourselves and what we have to offer. And there are those times when we sincerely care for the pain of the customer and look for the opportunity to help through our products and/or services. In either case, it is important to consciously design what results you want to get, what experience you want the customer to have throughout the process, and to choose an option that delivers these outcomes.

In subsequent write-ups, I hope to write about; how this relates to company branding and sales of SaaS products.

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  • Picture of Eugene OhuEugene Ohu - Fri, 1 Oct 2021, 10:27 AM
    I enjoyed reading this, and thanks to the examples/stories, I understand the concepts you explained.
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by Faith Muwar Mpara - Wednesday, 8 September 2021, 11:04 AM
Anyone in the world

A message from my sister got me writing this little note .

She sends a message from school:

Remember to

-Ask uncle about the things to send.

-Ask aunty what they like


This sends me back 8 years; the first time I got to live with her alone. This very message will have been a point to quarrel about why I am so forgetful or why she takes this seriously. These days, she knows in advance what I am likely to forget and will add them to the notes or send these WhatsApp messages. 8 years later, I still think that somethings should not be priority, but I will do them because I totally love the family bond and relationship that we’re building.

Not much has changed about our preferences and differences. But believe me, there is a world of difference about how we manage them these days, and it is beautiful.


There is a lot about life and ourselves that we may not have the luxury to change. Especially when it has to do with people, their preferences and disposition. We don’t even agree about what oil to use for our soups, what to place on the bed or table, or even how much water a reasonable human should be consuming in  a day .But whether these changes happen or not should not be the sole determinant of how our relationship evolves.

I read a quote yesterday that summarized this nicely.

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be” Wayne W. Dyer.

One of the beautiful things that I am realizing from getting to know and relate with my siblings is that we will always be different. And yet, we can respect our differences and human dignity. No one lives for the sole pleasure of another, so, it is futile to expect any of them to perfectly fit or meet my expectations.

I totally love the beauty that God created in the form of family. It adds so much colour to my existence.

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    Anyone in the world


    It has been a long while and I want to share some questions that I have with you.


    I am not sure what the shape of this writing will be. I am writing to put words to what I struggle to process. For some reason, I find it easy to process what I can word. It is one of the reasons why I have several log books and a digital one that runs to 800+ pages every year.

    I have found myself panic and struggle at the approach of deadlines. I have struggled almost every time that I am approached to make instant decisions or to work at short-notice. My addiction to excellence makes this hard to perceive this in the quality of my delivery. I almost always have to shield the internal turmoil and appear calm to shield what always appears like a monster to me in these situations.

    This week, I have had to deal with just two of these instances. In yesterday’s case, I had to develop a PowerPoint Presentation in preparation for the case competition today. And the thoughts going on in my mind were;

    1.       We have not done enough analyses yet.

    2.       I wish we had more time to work (I know this will have made very little difference)

    3.       I am too structured to produce something worthwhile within this time.

    4.       Will this be one of those times when we just fail?

    5.       Do I need more time or more focus?

    Well while all this was going on, I went about everything and anything but the pressing task. Well, I have a good number of excuses as well; I have two remote internships going on concurrently. I am also the ambitious first daughter who wants to sponsor her younger brothers in foreign universities next year; so, I have two part time jobs. As you can imagine, I have a full to-do list and all I have to do is robotically continue to pop tasks off this list.

    Finally, by 2:30 pm (I was expected to submit the full presentation by 3pm) I face my procrastination, have a bath and move to the table. At this point, another team member has developed sections of the work and I only have to complete it.

    I disconnect my devices from the internet, keep relevant resources nearby and complete the work in two hours.

    At this point, I evaluate my day and wonder what I had been doing all day. If all I needed was two hours of focus or a little more to get the work done, why did I exhaust brain space going through the motions? It is computationally very inefficient?

    What exactly did I need to do the work earlier? Was it more time, bravery to ignore my worries or focus?

    Participating in the Landmark forum has helped me to learn to put the past behind and create the possibilities that inspire me. So, I am not beating myself up about yesterday endlessly. I can create the possibilities that empower me to be who and whatever I want. I am not struggling to make sure I have a complete formula to avoid this in future either, tomorrow will come with what it will. I am learning to observe my behaviours and the hidden commitments that I have.

    Do you ever wonder what makes you procrastinate too? Have you had to ask the hard questions and demand authentic answers from yourself?

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    • Picture of Eugene OhuEugene Ohu - Fri, 1 Oct 2021, 10:29 AM
      My best part was this: "I disconnect my devices from the internet, keep relevant resources nearby and complete the work in two hours."

      I have to disconnect more...
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    by Faith Muwar Mpara - Monday, 9 August 2021, 2:35 PM
    Anyone in the world

    Red flower

    The Colour of Love

    Dedicated to Caca, the best sister in the world

    Red is the colour of love

    Unusual its being

    Bold in imperfection

    Persistent in demand

    And chaotic to my world

    Red is the colour of love

    Patient through adversity

    Reassuring at sunrise

    Demanding accountability

    In a language unknown to me

    Red is the colour of love

    Different and happy

    True, through the changes’

    Endearing and lovely

    Honest in her speeches

    Red is the colour of love

    Tearing my first pride

    Boldly asking “But why not?”

    Dismantling my castle

    And as sure as the sea tide

    Red is the colour of love

    Questioning my sure stance

    Admonishing my obstinacy

    Soothing my hurt pride

    Present through every cry

    Red is the colour of love

    Perfect and wholesome

    Kind and instructing

    Consoling and peaceful

    Trusting and empowering

    Red is the colour of love

    The blessing of sisterhood

    The gift undeserved

    Frail to behold

    Yet sure as a rock

    Red is the colour of love

    The colour of a sister

    The gift God gave me

    His mercy in bodily form

    My help and grace

    In a thousand different ways

    Red is my Caca

    The best sister in the world

    Indescribable beauty

    In every way, shape and form

    A blessing, for lack of words

    I love you dearly.

    Photo Credits: pxhere

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      by Jennifer Christian - Monday, 14 June 2021, 4:36 PM
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        by Osatohanmwen Dibor - Sunday, 13 June 2021, 11:29 PM
        Anyone in the world

        Data Collection is an important aspect of statistics. 

        Data collection is the gathering and measurement of information from various sources in a systematic way to get a complete and accurate picture of an area of interest.

        Data collection is very important in physical and social sciences, humanities and business. It helps to 

        • focus your limited energy and resources on the pieces that have the most impact.
        • understand your customers. 
        • analyze how customer opinions and behaviour change over time.
        • make quick and effective decisions based on the data collected.
        • segment audiences and curate dedicated marketing strategies for each segment.
        • Feedback data let’s you resolve issues and to improve your product/services where its most needed.
        • improve customer relationships.




          Anyone in the world

          A significant value-add an MBA brings to bear in human interactions, is the ability to think critically or systematically if you like. Here are my critical thinking takeaways from our Analysis of Business Problems (ABP) classes:

          1. Push boundaries. Curiosity is a key factor of learning.

          2. Decision making is a process not an event.

          3. Don’t thoughtlessly go with the norm as it is possible for the majority to be wrong.

          4. Most people listen to respond, not to understand.

          5. The sign of an educated mind, is the ability to entertain conflicting viewpoints without accepting them.

          As our faculty says, ABP helps one make submissions that can be (successfully) taken to the (paranoid) bank (in exchange for money).

          Cheers to deepening our critical thinking skills as we continue on this MBA path.

          Bye Bye to the first semester *waves



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            by Orji Anyianuka - Friday, 11 June 2021, 10:45 AM
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              by Nkiruka Sowari - Thursday, 10 June 2021, 7:13 PM
              Anyone in the world

              Airplane from google images

              I wanted to travel with a two tier cake; big stuff 20kg weight. I packed it in a strong carton box and supported it as best as I could. When I got to the airport, there seemed to be a well rehearsed ‘we don’t check-in cake’ statement every direction I faced. It seemed like they put all the airline staff in a room and they had to recite this slogan every morning.

              Ok you don’t check-in cake, I understand. So what are my options? I get the same reply ‘We don’t check-in cake’. Yes I got that the first time, but what can I do? How do you usually transport cake? '‘Passenger has to carry the cake on the lap'’.

              Did you see the size of that box? It can’t enter the tiny space between my body and the seat in front of me, besides it’s a 20kg projectile hazard in the plane. They look at the box, I see the understanding in their eyes, I mean it’s obvious. I thought I was making some progress, till I again got the well rehearsed slogan ‘we don’t check in cake’.

              I asked to see someone senior to know what their fears were. I guessed, but they needed to spell it out. Finally, the ‘oga’ explained that they need to be indemnified if anything happened to the cake. Ok great! I am willing to sign an indemnity form. “Really madam?''  ''But we don’t check in cake''.

              At this point, I was about to pull out my hair. To cut the long story short. After engaging and re-engaging and making them understand that I knew the risks and was willing to still go that route, as I frankly had no choice; they agreed and handed me the form. 

              When I saw the form I understood their confusion, cake was not a line item. The form had cameras, computers, television sets and the likes listed. No cake. But still, we need to use our sense na. I signed, checked in and got into the plane. 

              While trying to get comfortable in the plane, I heard the air hostess bellow my name with the word cake at the end of a sentence. Haba! I was asked to come down from the plane and meet the baggage crew on the tarmac. An important looking man stood there with my signed indemnity  form asking if I knew what I signed. Yes I do, bros I am not dim. He asked for my boarding stub and I was asked to tick fragile and sign again. Also sign on the cake luggage sticker stub itself. ‘Wahala’.

              I was then free to go. It might interest you to know that the cake arrived my one hour destination in one piece. Well almost, a few of the stenciled figures fell off, nothing major.

              Rules are meant for a reason and that reason should be well known by all enforcers so they will be able to share knowledgeably to the receivers. Some scenarios simply have to be taken on a case by case basis and not followed foolishly. The basis of the rule has to be fulfilled. The drama ended well this time, but it would be a while before I forget the phrase; ’we don’t check in cake’.

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                by Orji Anyianuka - Thursday, 10 June 2021, 6:16 AM
                Anyone in the world

                Many important business decisions are based on the study of data. For example, Insurance companies set car insurance premiums (the amount they ask you to pay to insure your car) based on calculations of the probability that you will crash your car. 

                This approach to pricing insurance is reasonable. But it raises a lot of social and ethical questions. What if the data shows that men above 65 years old are more likely to crash their car than the expected average in the population? Should the insurance companies charge men above 65 years old higher premiums because they are higher risks to the insurance companies? 

                There are no easy answers. In fact, there are rather more questions because men who are above 65 years old will mostly fall under senior citizens who have reached their retirement age and most likely have reduced income as a result.

                Statistics answer a lot of questions and help businesses analyse data needed for decision making. However, what businesses decide to do with the data is another question.

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