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The systematic decision-making process which is the most reliable way to make high stake decisions is largely successful because it employs the divide and conquer approach. It breaks up decision making into its key elements; identify those most relevant to your decision; apply some hard, systematic thinking which leads to a decision. 

The eight elements of decision making are:

  1. Understand the situation - here you seek to identify all the relevant information. The WH questions of What, Why, When, How, Where and Who are usually very helpful.

  2. Identify and define the problem - here you want to be sure you are framing your problem correctly and not mistaking symptoms for the problem.

  3. Define your objectives - here you want to be sure of the outcome you want to see as a result of the decision. Clarifying your objectives Helps overcome conflict arising from different perspectives

  4. Generate alternatives - these are the raw materials of decision making. Alternatives are very important because you can never choose an alternative you haven’t considered and no matter how many alternatives you have, your chosen alternative can be no better than the best of the lot.

  5. Identify criteria - here are the important conditions an alternative will meet before you choose it. Your criteria prevent you from favouring an alternative without concrete reasons.

  6. Analyze the alternatives - here you evaluate each alternative using your criteria

  7. Take a decision - choose an option among the alternatives that fulfil your objective

  8. Develop an action plan - here you come up with steps to implement your decision

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    Picture of Witness Godwin-Usoro
    by Witness Godwin-Usoro - Tuesday, 1 June 2021, 8:37 AM
    Anyone in the world

    Welcome to the Month of June.

    This song resonates with me as the day started- God of miracles, na my papa oo. This is the month where miracles would be plenty.

    Let's get stirred for the best part of our life.

    It is a good time to be alive.



      Picture of Adefolake Adewusi
      by Adefolake Adewusi - Saturday, 29 May 2021, 8:37 PM
      Anyone in the world

      Authenticity says be yourself with your full chest, regardless of whose ox is gored🥴

      Meaning if you are outspoken and blunt, you should just say it as it, after all, you’re not lying, ba?

      But hey, remember that thing called emotional intelligence?

      core of emotional intelligence is self regulation. We should adjust our behaviours to suit our environments. We may not be able to control the words/actions/inactions of others, but we can control ours. Of course, you may say your gentility should not be taken for stupidity, but often you need to check the temperature of the environment before reacting, for peace to reign.

      Sure you need to be assertive sometimes too but you should know what is suitable per time...

      As my LBS mentor says, a leader should be in control of his/her feelings i.e. be self’s a key element of emotional intelligence required for leadership.




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        Picture of Toritsemogha Afinotan
        by Toritsemogha Afinotan - Saturday, 29 May 2021, 11:59 AM
        Anyone in the world

        This is the amount of the book value (a.k.a. carrying value) of common equity per share of common stock, calculated by dividing the book value of shareholders’ equity by the number of shares of stock outstanding. 

        As we know, the book value of equity may differ from the market value of equity. The market value per share, if available, is a much better indicator of the investment of shareholders a company.

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          Picture of joseph adeyemi
          by joseph adeyemi - Saturday, 29 May 2021, 11:28 AM
          Anyone in the world

          Data visualization is the graphic representation of data or information by using charts, diagrams etc.

          Data visualization tools include: Power Bi, Microsoft Excels etc

          There are top Data Visualization techniques:

          1) Know your audience  

          2) Set your goal

          3) Choose the right charts type

          4) Take advantage of color theory 

          5) Handle your big data

          6) use ordering, layout and hierarchy to prioritize

          7) Utilize word clouds and network diagram

          8) Include comparisons 

          9) Apply visualization tool for the digital age and 

          10) Tell your tale 

          Thank You for your time...BENTLEY 



            Picture of Olabisi Ometoruwa-Miyebi
            by Olabisi Ometoruwa-Miyebi - Friday, 28 May 2021, 11:59 PM
            Anyone in the world

            My account just got credited!!! Isn’t that what we all say, but now CFA has opened my eyes; I have been wrong all along.

            What we see in our alerts is actually the Bank’s account not ours. So actually you were debited not credited, because an increase in assets is a debit, while a decrease in assets is a credit..

            So next time we say our account has been credited let’s think twice.. Is it truly a credit??

            I remain your humble expert, no semi-expert ❤️❤️❤️



              Picture of Nkiruka Sowari
              by Nkiruka Sowari - Friday, 28 May 2021, 11:57 PM
              Anyone in the world

              It makes sense that to get to a destination; you need to know where and the circumstance around which you are starting from. This is the logic behind this framework.  It is basically a tool that helps in the making of better decisions by assessing the current situation. They are divided into four main groups:

              1.      Simple situations.

              2.      Complicated situations

              3.      Complex  and the  

              4.      Chaotic situations

              Simple/Obvious situations: These situations are made up of knows that are known. Well established cause and effects. In such situations, we can use our senses, categorize and respond to an action on the basis of best practice. e.g. help desk problems

              Complicated situation: These situations have several correct solutions and some information. So the senses have to be used and the options analyzed, establishing a relationship and making a decision.

              Complex situation: The outcomes are unpredictable and not straightforward, so the best thing is to probe, before we can use our sense to respond. Many business situation fall here.

              Chaotic situation : In this situation there is no relationship between cause and effect. As the name implies, there is a need to act and respond as quickly as possible. The first point of call is to establish stability. This is common in emergency scenarios


              It helps flexibility and adaptability in making decisions, adjusting style to fit circumstance



                Picture of joseph adeyemi
                by joseph adeyemi - Friday, 28 May 2021, 11:00 PM
                Anyone in the world

                Tomorrow, May 29th, 2021, two of England's best teams, Manchester City and Chelsea, will play for Europe's top flight in the championship final. Chelsea having recently defeated Manchester City in the just concluded Premier League, gives the match a different dimension.

                With a cold bottle of Heineken in hand, I will be watching the game with my Chelsea brothers.

                May the best squad come out on top.

                Thank You for your time...BENTLEY 



                  Picture of Emmanuel Madubuike
                  by Emmanuel Madubuike - Friday, 28 May 2021, 7:49 PM
                  Anyone in the world

                  The best moments i have had in life were with my father. He taught me everything in practical terms before by teachers ever did. He reminded me of the lessons, after my teachers hung up the chalks. I never forget the many night spent together, reviewing my school works. He was my hero, and still is, though long gone from the temporary camp called earth. I miss my father, but not his lessons. They are always here with me. Share of my father's lessons.

                  1. Always appreciate a gift with a gift.

                  2. Keep your appointments. 

                  3. Smiling makes you more handsome.

                  4. Always stand with truth. 

                  5. Lend a helping hand whenever you can.

                  6. Learn something new everyday.

                  7. Love with everything in you.


                    Picture of Toritsemogha Afinotan
                    by Toritsemogha Afinotan - Friday, 28 May 2021, 3:03 PM
                    Anyone in the world

                    A company can finance its assets either with equity or debt. Financing through debt involves risk because debt legally obligates the company to pay interest and to repay the principal as promised. Equity financing does not obligate the company to pay anything -dividends are paid at the discretion of the board of directors. 

                    There is always some risk, which we refer to as business risk, inherent in any operating segment of a business. But how a company chooses to finance its operations- the particular mix of debt and equity - may add financial risk on top of business risk Financial risk is the extent that debt financing is used relative to equity.