by IFEOLUWA ALOMOGE - Saturday, 26 September 2020, 11:45 PM
Anyone in the world

The uniqueness of character in human has always been a fascinating thing for me to study.
The reasons why humans display different character under different circumstances and  react to different situations are based on so many factors such as past experiences, cultural factors ,environmental factors , social factors etc.
It is well known that people attribute certain characters or traits to people of a particular tribe or community. For example, people from ekiti state are said to be stubborn , people from a particular set of place from the west are said to be wicked, people from a particular place are said to be stingy. In as much as sometimes it is sentimental to generalize but this generalization isn't too far away from the reality.

But this is only possible because they have had to commune together in that same place over a lot of time. So if an individual is given birth to and immediately migrates somewhere else, while growing up he/she begins to pick up traits and characters from that present habitat.
I personally believe that the uniqueness of character based on generalization by habitat should be more explored.