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by Raheena Adeleke - Saturday, 26 September 2020, 8:45 PM
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I am an event planner! I say this very proudly because I know that I was born for this line of work, I am very grateful that I found my passion early in life. As an event planner, I plan, execute and coordinate social and corporate events. I work with clients to identify their needs and also ensure they are satisfied. I facilitate details such as décor, catering, logistics and location.

My job is to bring joy and happiness to people, it is also to ensure that their vision is brought to a reality. I promote socialization and ensure satisfaction of all guests at the event and not just the client. As an event planner, it is essential to have certain skills that can come naturally and can be learnt. Some of these internal goods that I have developed over time include: Great interpersonal skills, flexibility, keen eye for detail, organizational skills, high energy level, good time management skills and excellent leadership skills. I am still working on communicating effectively and efficiently. In order to achieve these goods, I have had to be courageous, disciplined, self-aware and open to learning. External goods I would need are good clients, money and a great vendors list. Working in itself makes me happy, working in line with my passion feels less like work and is extremely fulfilling. Towards the end of every event I plan, I step to the back of the location and look at everything happening, my heart beats with pride and I give a sigh of relief and fulfilment.

I understand that ethics is personal and not subjective. It is something we have to attain as humans but it is not dependent on our thought process or experiences. What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. Being in the event industry, I have witnessed many planners take a “commission” from each vendor they work with on an event, even after they are paid a fee. Their excuse is after all, they gave the vendor a job/money making opportunity, therefore they have the right to get a cut. It is ethically wrong no matter how they try to give excuses, it just shows a complete lack of integrity.

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