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Grades are the most common example of an external or extrinsic motivation through which we can leverage increased participatory interest. Motivation uplifts student's enthusiasm about the activities presented to them. 

Ian Wigfield, a professor of (Procedia School of Social & Behavioral Sciences) would argue that grades are important extrinsic motivators to students participating in extra-contingent academic activities.

If I could curate Wigfield’s strings of thought, I would be tempted to commit my remaining energy ("after the LBS intensive week") to evaluate the frequency of “blogging activities” by co-students before, during, and after the Mgt Comm’s exams.

A student's desire (as reflected in the frequency of activity, approach, persistence, and level of interest) regarding extra-academic activities could be measured from the graded outcome of his past effort or associated efforts. (DiPerna & Elliott, 1999; McClelland, 1961; Wigfield & Eccles, 2002).

If I interpreted that well, (it means a positive grade in management communication course could be a major extrinsic motivator to “continue, increase or discontinue” blogging on

Fast forward into the future, I could see me blogging more frequently!

Paul Adeleke