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by omotolani Badru - Friday, 25 September 2020, 5:53 PM
Anyone in the world

So, I'm the second of four kids, till date I still find something weird about my position. 

There is some kind of believe, behavioural traits, stereotypes or attributes associated with your birth position in the family. For instance last borns are spoilt and the first child is responsible, lol. 

In my family, I seem to be like the middle child, yes, middle of 4, you read right, I like to think I write right too and wrote what you read, I'm the middle child of four kid, now, let me break it down.

We are three(3) girls and a boy. I'm the second girl, I have an elder sister, the only boy, and my younger sister. i forgot to mention that , the middle kids are perceived rebellious, often independent, and in most cases extremely introverted, they are neither the first nor the last, they tend to spend a lot of time by themselves, most family members wont even remember them or their name, I don't remember anyone ever calling my mom ''iya Tola'", ( I call her that myself now😊)  I've had to introduce myself to my grandaunt as '"Tolani, a child of '"iya ayo", before she remembered me.  I cant remember the number of time I've sat by myself wondering if I'm really a member of the family, now, don't misunderstand me i know they love me, there is just no "biggie" to me so I get the least of attention, then I got use to it. I guess because there is the eldest daughter, the only son and the last born. 

if you identify with me, lets have only two( 2) kids, the first and the last, no middle kids or in-betweens.✌