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by Temitope Ayo-fasan - Friday, 25 September 2020, 3:13 PM
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Communication is a very crucial and required activity needed every day of our lives. That being said, effective communication is perhaps one of the most important of all life skills.

Communication at its simplest definition, is the act of conveying information from one place, person, or group to another by speaking, writing or using some other medium.

Communication can either be verbal or non-verbal and the way a person speaks or writes is important so the recipient of the information would not misconstrue the message but understand it. Knowing how to have meaningful and effective communication with another person is key. Before having a conversation with a person, it is imperative to apply some level of emotional intelligence before speaking and ensure to profile the person so you know the best way to communicate to the person that will ensure the message is received and understood.

 For instance, if you are to address a group of people, it is of vital importance to know the class of people you would be addressing (kids, teenagers, adults, or elderly people) and know the style of communication to employ. Language in communication is also important, you cannot expect a group of Yoruba speaking people to understand you when you are communicating to them in English, either you pass the message across to them by speaking Yoruba or you get a translator to pass your message across in their language.

 It is also important to know that the tone you use in communicating with people is key, the tone in which you use to speak to a happy person is different from the tone you use to speak with an aggrieved person. Profiling makes you understand your audience better.