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by Nnaemeka Nwosu - Wednesday, 16 September 2020, 1:54 PM
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On a cold night of September, I sat with a cup of brandy, thinking and trying to figure out the challenges that lay ahead of me, had my MBA to deal with, a start-up on the verge of beta-testing, delayed contract talks on a commodity trade deal, bills and more bills. How was I to maneuver this quagmire with minimal stress? What is the source of the anxiety i am experiencing? these questions kept knocking at me.

Growing up, I had always tended to place loads of pressure on myself, for reasons i will rather keep private, however, this attitude always made me pile up more than I could carry. So here i was on this cool night, cup of brandy in hand and it hit me, what if I used the Analysis of Business Problem framework to breakdown this situation? quickly I pulled my laptop close, access my personalized ABP template (Word document) and got to work.

An hour and thirty minutes after, i am looking at the progress and within all of the analysis, something stood out; How far I had come. I had a decent portfolio of projects running and all I had to do was priotize and know which ones provided me with the best value from a short-term to long-term basis, putting into consideration funding needs, flexibility, risk level and a few more parameters.

The amazing part of it all was being able to identify what exactly my dilemma was (I believe I figured it out) as well as seeing where I hoped to be, putting all these together and I arrived at the recommendations (Although I believe I still need a 2nd person review)

In all, the ABP framework gave me more perspective and I was able to know the next best steps to follow and how to go about achieving them. Like Dr Anibaba said, ABP goes beyond business environments, it also enables one to make the best decisions as regards their personal lives, and I recommend this approach to anyone looking for answers to personal life challenges.