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by Elizabeth Ayo-Vaughan - Wednesday, 16 September 2020, 12:21 AM
Anyone in the world

ABP is one of my best courses really. It's deep thinking logical nature  makes you think more than just the surface. Demonstrates real managerial skills that will really be used  in real life. Anyway....

Wrote my ABP take home exam on Saturday. We were given 24hrs and my anxiety kicked into full gear. Adrenaline flowed nonstop until 22 minutes to submission.  It was nerve racking for me. The email the night before the exam made sent by the examiner made it worse. "Calm down", "Anxiety" and "...not rocket science" in one email showed that there was danger up ahead. So I had to brace myself. It had been a while I pulled an all-nighter. 

I think it was the most brutal case I may ever come across (for now. The case in the MIPC competition are not even this bad)  but it was a wonderful experience really. It took 6 hrs to finally figure out what the issue was and the calculations. Then it came to writing of the case to drive my point of continuing the project. I believe I had everything right or so I think. The wait is the problem. I am not very good at letting things go especially when I cannot control the situation. Some things do not come easy for me and writing exams that test memory and how well you understand the teachers point is not my thing. It renders my line of thinking invalid just because we do not think alike and also because you do not agree. 

Anyway, I cannot wait to be done with semester one and LBS so that I can have my  life back. 

Thank God for a bottle of wine by the seaside on Sunday evening, I felt like myself again. ABP took everything in me that I do not want to ever take that course again.  Blessed Guadalupe, E dey your hand. 

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