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by Obidi Nwachukwu - Tuesday, 15 September 2020, 8:39 PM
Anyone in the world

“School exams are memory tests, in real-world no one is going to stop you from referring a book to solve a problem.” ― Amit Kalantri, 

It was 9 am on Saturday 12th September 2020, the question and answer booklet was uploaded on the e-learn. The exam would start by 9 am on Saturday and ends at 9 am on Sunday 13th September 2020. My initial reaction was, no matter what I will be through before 9 pm the same day.

The time was now 3 am the next day and I was still trying to help the protagonist take the $1.6b investment decision. The worse now happened, my inverter went off and I could not put on the generator at that time because it will inconvenience my neighbors. I slept off and woke up by 6 am.

I started from where I stopped and completed by 8:15 am. I was not comfortable with what I wrote I felt it was not convincing enough to make my case, I wanted to start all over again but it was late.

I submitted my work at 8:30 am, went to bed, and slept off till 5 pm. I woke up took my bath, brushed, and eat my breakfast. Hahahaha.