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by Uchenna Onyenakasa - Tuesday, 15 September 2020, 8:26 PM
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The security man at the centre where I receive nourishment was sacked. This centre is the best place anyone can work. He is treated with respect, dignity, and care. Placed on health insurance with his family. But it was just discovered that he has been stealing diesel meant for the generator daily.

A family I know very well just sacked their nanny. When you visit this family, unless you are told, you will never know that this woman was a nanny. She had access to everything everyone in the family had access to. Everything! On so many occasions, the wife of the house kept asking her husband if he took money from her bag. This has gone on for years. If not for the attitude of the husband especially on that inner guarantee that he never took such money from the wife, it would have caused a problem for them. One happened that the wife could not contain anymore. She asked her husband twice and her husband insisted he did not take such money. She never suspected the nanny. Never!

She decided to set a trap (which I would not bore you with), and the nanny was caught red-handed.

Why do people you have given so much care and love still go ahead and do things that you cannot imagine they will do? Why do people who have so much still steal?  Why are most of the persons prosecuted for corruption in our country rich and comfortable? Why do we get betrayed by people we trust so much?

We are created good. However, our nature is wounded. This wound is what is sometimes called concupiscence - the inclination to Sin. Apostle Paul understood this fact when he exclaimed: What I do, I do not understand. For I do not do what I want, but I do what I hate. But we cannot say because we have this inclination and will therefore have to give in to it. We will also not be able to resist the pull to do what we do not want to do if we do not take some necessary steps.

We need to first acknowledge that we have this tendency; that we can be the worst of all men if not for the Invincible Hand, using the things around us to hold us up. This acknowledgement should be manifested in asking for help; the grace to always chose and do what is right.

Effort should be made in training ourselves in the act of doing right. This can be done by trying to deny ourselves of little things each day; even sometimes denying ourselves of what we have right to; eating a bit of what we do not like, delaying to drink water a few more minutes even though we are thirsty, controlling our eyes and not looking at that beautiful lady/man that just passed, waking up at a set time, etc. These little and willing denials train our will, strengthens our self-control and reduces our constant yielding to that inclination to do what we do not want to do.

We may shoulder at the security man, the nanny or those we hear of, but we can and will be worse if we do not ask for grace, constantly train our will and deliberately avoid occasions that can lead us to do things we know we should not do.

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