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by Ogbonne Adesoji - Tuesday, 15 September 2020, 5:19 PM
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It is the beginning of another school year and due to the uncertainty of the status of the country regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, my children's school have resumed online pending when they are comfortable enough to resume physically.

This time around, their time table is more robust and as such they are spending more hours with the computer. 

My rant today is not about whether or not it is healthy for them to stare at the computer for that long but more about the fact that our laptop share is not working this time. 

We only have two functional lap tops at home and before now, they would have finished school before I would need it so the sharing worked.

However, I have two exams coming up on Saturday and I need my laptop(where I have all my school materials) more. 

What do I do? I cannot tell stories on Saturday!