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by Ifiok Udongwo - Sunday, 2 August 2020, 6:26 PM
Anyone in the world

Happy Sunday a toutes!

It's been an amazing year, I must say. I've had to make tough calls and I've learned a lot. There were many high and low moments.

As I write, I am in a good place. So I decided to share 8 lessons I have learned this year...

1. You must remain open-minded. ( read, "Who moved my cheese"- Spencer Johnson) I read this book maybe 7 years ago, it's a quick read with the aptest message.

2. You must know your weaknesses to correct them and your strengths to capitalize on them.

3. You are not a tree, move! Just do it! Sometimes, you're the only person who can.

4. Finishing is more important than starting.

5. Renew your mind, Rejuvenate yourself in a very deliberate and periodic manner. Take a damn break! It really is not that serious.

6. You were born alone and will die alone, but as long as you are on earth, you will have to deal with others.

7. People will come and go but you are responsible for the outcome of your life

8. You just have to put in the work! Even if you were a beggar, wishes are not horses ...

And it's a wrap!