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by Elizabeth Ayo-Vaughan - Saturday, 1 August 2020, 11:46 PM
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Such read the article on pay cuts for our ethics assignment and it resonated well with me.

A lot of friends had got serious pay cuts. Something like this in Nigeria is actually bitter sweet as the salary barely gets you going talk less of a slashed salary. Bitter in the sense that its half, sweet in the sense that its better than nothing and are most definitely grateful.

However, pain then ensues as the employers are seen still living lavished life styles like nothing happened. While one should not judge by looking, one cannot help but wonder if it was just too much sacrifice to have done to be able to afford a bit more for the Nigerian worker. 

I also wonder if companies accessed the survival of the company during COVID-19 pandemic before layoffs and salary slash. 

Some companies did not slash salary and I think most employees are more than grateful for that (I hope they are really).

Nigerian experience pay cut is definitely different from the abroad. Here has no plans or unemployment benefits. Americans can live on credit cards as long as they make the minimum payments. Nothing like this exist in Nigeria so how do we survive?

My thoughts are everywhere but I will just like to say to any business owner out there, let your employees know that a pay cut will come rather than see it on the day of salary payment .