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by Ama Apakama - Saturday, 1 August 2020, 10:42 PM
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"the imagination is the greatest resource available to mankind"
Ama Apakama

To create a presentation that properly communicates your message is one that can keep their attention and make them look forward to seeing more ( sorta like a movie). There are a couple of things that are important to make this happen.

The first thing is time. As hard as it maybe, you need enough time to let your creative juices work. You need time to choose the right theme, add the correct images and properly create an effective message. The next thing you need is accurate data. I mean a beautiful lie is still a lie lol. So it is important to get accurate data because even if it may be hidden in a text report, it is out there and wayyy more obvious in your presentation.

 Another thing is to actually have fun. As hard as it may be, as much as the deadline is in front of you, by all means, have fun! It is still a presentation, the one place you can actually put in elements that entertain and that is limited when you do not create with ease. Another thing is be yourself. When you show what you like in the context and guidelines provided for you, excellence is easier to achieve. We were told we will read about 250 cases at the end of our 2 years, it seems we may just match that number with presentations as well smile