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by David Oyo Ita - Friday, 3 July 2020, 9:51 AM
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One of the most interesting and engaging courses in the MBA program has been Business Ethics.

It has brought to my consciousness a clearer understanding of the right way to conduct business with the customer.

It has thought me the difference between the warfare paradigm and service paradigm.

The cases dealt with have shown how not applying the right principles in business dealings can have catastrophic effects on individuals and organizations.

More importantly, it has made it clear how my actions in the work place can affect me and the organization as a whole.

Cases that have struck me particularly are the Rogue trader case(Kweku Adoboli) and the Worldcom case(Bernie Ebbers) where the warfare paradigm led severe consequences for both parties.

A key takeaway for me with regards to sharp practices is that it is clear that one day the chicken will come home to roost.

I have therefore decided to ensure that I conduct myslef ethically in the work place going forward.