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by Ama Apakama - Monday, 29 June 2020, 9:29 PM
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"You live a legacy before you leave a legacy"

Mrs Audrey Joe-Ezigbo

There are few Nigerian businesses that are legacy businesses. At the same time those which have standout as organisations that embrace innovation, expand business operations. 

What is interesting is that it is the intangible qualities of the younger generation leader that keeps it a going concern.

As I discussed with a former teacher this morning, success comes from mental discipline and emotional intelligence. 

Emotional intelligence even if it is inherently based on your wholeness that allows you have whole relationships, interactions and communication, there's a different side of it that keeps these businesses alive.

Sincerely, there is nothing more than the virtues of honesty, humility, integrity, empathy, consideration of others' lives that are vested should the enterprise fail, putting the business above oneself: selflessness. (I did not know all of this could be unpacked in a CMA case!)

In as much as you may say some of these qualities can be passed down, experience is indeed the best teacher and how much more if it's from the right example? It's important to note that we're all adults and most take responsibility for our own individual decisions. The success of the successor is in his hands to either make or break it.