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by Ukpe Amayo - Monday, 29 June 2020, 7:27 PM
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There has always an argument about ethics and law, while many think or believe ethics is superior others think or believe that law is superior. 

what is ethics :ethics are moral principles and values that seek to determine right and wrong.

what is law: rules that governs the whole society and the actions of its individual.

law is created by the government be it local or international while ethics are created by individuals e.g workplace ethics.

law creates a legal binding on people  while ethics doesn't have a legal binding on people.

violation of the law may lead to punishment, violation of ethics is not punishable

  • Most ethical decisions have extended consequences.
  • Most ethical decisions have multiple alternatives.
  • Most ethical decisions have mixed outcomes.
  • Most ethical decisions have uncertain consequences.
  • Most ethical decisions have personal implications

in submission, both of them can be regarded as co-related but not superior  or inferior to each another.