Blog entry by Edward Waji

Anyone in the world

There is a lot of rot and poor definition of growth in the world today especially in business spheres, most of which beget devastating ends that impact the society negatively. For noticeable shifts in this narrative, organizations, and more importantly, the leaders must be courageous and be purposeful in their desire to serve mankind.

Courage speaks to a leader’s strength of character, willingness to incur risk in order to act according to his values and beliefs defined by purpose; and stand up authority to defend his decisions.

There exists a different path to growth available to business leaders and their respective organizations wrapped around purpose, service, courage, and willpower as necessary ingredients to the best form of growth organizations can ever picture. 

To drive this home, for example, companies have been known to gross revenues and returns on equity around times they had prioritized environmental and social impact. Now, the focus is on purpose, and the desirable social impact the world needs.

For organizations to achieve this, they must be purposeful, attract people who are purpose-driven and inclined to the mission of the organization. It plays from top to bottom - a leadership that leads with the heart and a team that subscribes to that very purpose, after all, success stories are built on a blend of what an organization is good at, deep sense of purpose on what the world needs. This is indeed a better way to lastingly and profitably grow a business.