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by David Oyo Ita - Monday, 29 June 2020, 9:51 AM
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My experiences in life have summarized to me that the only way to succeed in any work of life is to be hard working.

I have realized that there are no short cuts to success and that I must learn to trust the process and know that there will be rewards at the end for the work I put in.

I recently watched a documentary on Micheal Jordan, the Greatest best basketball player of all time and his work ethic and dedication underlined the fact that the only way to succeed is an wavering dedication to ones craft.

I enjoy biographies across politics,business,espionage, music, sports, film etc and all the characters spoken of shared the same characteristics.

My hope is that one day my biography will be watched and read and so I will ensure that i put in the work required for this to be a reality.