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by Sarah Haman - Monday, 13 October 2014, 7:55 AM
Anyone in the world

I had yet no idea of that "place to be”. I firmly believed it was not just a fruit of my fantasy. Such a place existed. And time passed on, until one day, my father announced a delegation of Nigerian golf players was coming for dinner. The Cameroon golf tournament brought them. "From Nigeria” I thought. "The powerful country with sympathetic people.” My opinion, from the few Nigerian movies I had watched, and each time, stricken by the outstanding roads, interchanges, bridges, houses, cars, infrastructure, wow! Nigeria was undeniably a great country! And my judgment about Nigerians appeared to be right: all our guests, on- that muddy night, removed their shoes before walking into the house. As we were begging them to put their shoes on, they requested not to allow them dirty our house. I was seduced by their behavior which I considered unpretentious. Where will you see that in Cameroon? And here they were, so cheerful! Chatting, singing, clapping, dancing! The whole night, it was Nigeria, Nigeria again and Nigeria after. A joyous night we all had. And for me particularly, a host of souvenirs: Nigerians, easy going people, attached to their culture and values and, above all, proud of their country. What struck me most: the successful people who bore all this simplicity: superior army officials, prominent business men, CEOs of reputable companies: so true, so genuinely true and simple!

As I enjoyed the company of our guests, my dad called me. "How far have you gone with AAA? He asked. Four guests were looking at me, eager to hear my response. I did not know what answer to give. Was he being a proud dad announcing to the world his daughter was going to one of the prestigious schools in terms of advertising? I hoped not. "Nigeria has no envy for South Africa,” I thought. Or was he simply inquiring? Whatever the case, the moment was inauspicious for bad news. I chose a vague and prudent answer: "I have not had any answer from them. It has been a while since I checked my mail.” Dad said nothing, but I knew something was taking shape on his mind.

On the morning that followed, before leaving for office, just as I expected, dad unburdened his mind: "Yesterday, my friends told me about the Lagos Business School. It's such a great school. Find out about it. It sounds better to me than that your AAA advertising school.” I was happy. God Himself was in accordance with what I thought. I could not resist a relieving smile which instantly enlightened the whole of my being. The name just sounded august: The Lagos Business School! It resounded over and over in my mind, always more impressive, majestic. I began dreaming, imagining myself in such a formidable place. I knew nothing about the school. This was the first time I ever heard its intimidating name, but I knew I was to be there. Something about it challenged me in a passionate way. My LBS experience had started.

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