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Anyone in the world

Well, I am sure most people have been wondering what might be the cause?

I am not a medical doctor; however, I have stumbled on many write-ups with regards to the cause of such situations and they all boil down to the same fact that there is a correct process of bath taking which most people don’t follow.

I know this may sound funny, but this simple explanation would make it clearer: the head should not be washed first in the process of taking a bath (even washing of the hair), other parts of the body should be watered first. This is because when the head is watered with cold water, blood will flow to the head to warm it up. If the blood vessels narrow, it is likely to cause the blood vessels to rupture which may lead to slumping depending on the degree of temperature difference between the body/head and the water. 


Start the wetness from the sole of the foot. Progress to the legs, then abdomen and to the shoulder. At this point, pause for 5-10 seconds. A feeling like steam/wind overflowing from the body may be observed; then take a shower as usual.