by MATTHEW NYIAKURA - Wednesday, 9 October 2019, 9:35 AM
Anyone in the world

The Nigerian project seems on a downward slope whether you look at it from a pessimistic or optimistic viewpoint.

Negative phenomena that most Nigerians used to believe could never happen, keep unfolding as time progresses.

It used to be ethnic clashes, robberies and cultism; then fraudsters often referred to as 419 or yahoo-yahoo came and is still with us; then terrorism, which we all thought will never arrive our shores, because we believed Nigerians love life so much and would never contemplate such a thing, is now with us.

Now it seems the rate of suicides is going up; Kidnapping is now a regular feature in the news; and recently serial killing, which until recently was something we used to read about and watch in books and movies have joined the fray.

Like a computer game which gets harder the higher the level you attain, it seems new monsters previously never imagined are getting introduced into the fray.

Many in the face of all these challenges are leaving the country in droves, yet some who stay behind or even return from abroad have shown resilience and innovation by finding ways of creating success in the midst of the storm with little or even negative government support.

In all of this it is hoped that we are at or near the bottom, such that if the saying that “things will get worse before they get better”, is true then there are good prospects for the future.

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