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by Alozie Ananaba - Wednesday, 9 October 2019, 8:24 AM
Anyone in the world

I suffered three weeks of a persisting respiratory tract infection that involved possible the most extensive cocktail of laboratory investigations.

I wondered if my immunity had dropped on account of increased stress, but the tests proved otherwise.

Then I noticed a pattern with almost every household in my estate had a child or an adult with similar clinical history. The hospital personnel also confirmed a surge in the number of respiratory tract infections presenting in clinics.

Further investigations across other states and related health institutions showed similar patterns. It was evident that something was amiss.

There is a strain of a virus in circulation that we have not developed immunity against. This situation explains the severity and duration of the illness episodes. 

The health authorities recommend that we all follow proper infection control protocols to avoid infection and reinfection. These actions include regular hand washing; use of hand sanitising lotions; avoidance of crowded spaces, and staying away from office and schools if you or your ward shows signs of respiratory tract infection.

Let us stay healthy.