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by Adeniyi Ige - Wednesday, 9 October 2019, 6:50 AM
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The documentary, 'sex for grades' by the British Broadcasting Corporation's (BBC) undercover reporter, Kiki Mordi, exposes the atrocities committed by lecturers at my alma mater. Most victims are battling with psychological damage. Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu, a senior lecturer at the faculty of arts and head pastor of the local foursquare gospel church, was seen demanding sex to assist a 17-year-old girl secure admission into the University. During the investigation, Kiki was also approached by Dr. Samuel Oladipo, a lecturer at the Department of Economics, and he was willing to admit her to the department in exchange for sex. Eedris Abdulkareem’s 2003 music hit ‘Mr. Lecturer’ conveyed this anathema, but the country paid lip service to it.

The University of Lagos has issued a press statement suspending Boniface Igbeneghu and Samuel Oladipo. This action is only as a result of the BBC's reportage. How many lecturers would have been suspended if the walls of the staff club, aka cold room, could speak? This abuse and inability to prosecute is not only peculiar to tertiary institutions in Africa and this was instructive when Dr. Ann Olivarius, senior partner at the law firm McAllister Olivarius in the United Kingdom(UK) said,

Sexual harassment of students by staff members has reached epidemic levels in British universities. Most universities have no effective mechanism to stop staff from pressuring students into sexual relationships, and when it happens, any sort of disciplinary action is pretty much nonexistent. Those in charge are often colleagues who have many incentives not to intervene.

(sexual harassment at epidemic levels in UK universities, Guardian newspaper 2017)

Kiki had been a victim of this gruesome act that led to her dropping out of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 2012. For two semesters, her results were withheld because she would not accept the sexual advances from a lecturer. An example of a society where the girl child is unprotected from sex predators. A girl from birth-adulthood could experience sexual molestation from any of the following: relatives and neighbors, teachers in primary and secondary schools, seeking admission and graduating in tertiary institutions, gaining employment, a promotion at work, for food at internally displaced person camp and a host of others.

What is the crime to be a woman? She cries in pain, sorrow and tears for help. She needs our love and protection.

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