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Anyone in the world

As professional, you will always need to write. Writing is a major communication channel in the business world, channels such as email, cover letter, memos are the most common ones. Good writers exude confidence as they express themselves better with words and sound more believable than not so good writers.

A good writer has a voice in its writing, which accurately conveys its message. For the report to be captivating, the report must be direct, not personal, does not include colloquialisms nor passive words. A report can have some elements of humor to spice the write-up, does not express anger, be polite and appreciative, e.g., Thank you, please, regards, etc.

Clich├ęs should be eliminated in our writing or be reduced to the barest minimum. The report will need to be specific and concise. Use a word if that also conveys the same message.

Do not beat-up yourself if you are not writing as good as you plan to write, relax, and focus on the information you are looking to communicate and continue to practice.

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