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by Olabisi Ometoruwa-Miyebi - Friday, 4 June 2021, 11:16 PM
Anyone in the world

This past 5-6 months in the MBA class, my life has changed:

  • I have gone through so many emotions: laughed, cried, been happy, been angry, been sad, outraged, indifferent sometimes.
  •  My room is a mess. 
  • My relationships have suffered. 
  •  Social life has plummeted to a zero level. 

Although it seems my life is in disarray, i have acquired 10 years worth of knowledge in 5 months. My life needed to turn upside down to be built up again. 

I sm extremely grateful for this opportunity i have been given by God, and hope and pray i make good use of it. I hope i am really able to internalize all these learnings in my everyday life.. 

In other news, exams start tomorrow. Please pray for me. I remain your humble expert, no semi expert.. ❤❤️❤️


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