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by Nkiruka Sowari - Tuesday, 25 May 2021, 2:06 PM
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temperance definition from oxford dictionary

Temperance is simply self-restraint or moderation.

There is a story I heard in my childhood that has stuck with me. That the difference between an animal and a human is that a human applies sense and can be temperate.

 For instance an untrained animal will see food, it is hungry and it eats. Simple! Where as a hungry human will see food then begin to ask himself some questions. Is this food good for my current diet? Am I the owner of this food? Was this food prepared in sanitary conditions? Do I feel like eating this kind of food? Can I afford this food? There lies the difference. We as humans have the ability to apply restraint. Do we?

The moment we lose that restraint and feel like we need to get every single thing that tickles our fancy,  we lose a part of what makes us human. We have no self mastery.  No ability to say no. 

We move where the wind blows us, the latest iphone, the fanciest car, the heaviest gold, the hottest babe(even though we are not a commodity, some people think we are, so let me humor them). You name it, there is an abundance of alluring material goods and we all have our opium.

A temperate person trains the will to be able to master the instincts and direct sensitive appetites towards what is good. Temperance puts order to emotions and affections while ensuring equilibrium in the use of material goods.

Saying no brings an internal victory that is a source of peace. When last did you say no? Are you exhibiting human or animal tendencies?