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by obehi usifo-ogbebor - Monday, 13 October 2014, 7:11 PM
Anyone in the world

It is important we all have a good laugh as often as we can. Why some individual have decided to take life so seriously never seem to make complete sense to me.

It is often said that for people to take you seriously you have to be take yourself serious. Does that transcend to being uptight though. Very often we see individual with an unapproachable demeanor, placing a wall between themselves and others. For me (just my opinion) such individuals may just be guarding their inferiority complex and have built such wall to prevent others from seeing them for how they really are.

For some they wear a permanent grin across their faces, for others the need to yell even when no one is yelling back, and for some sarcasm. No joke is ever funny to them.

Everything looks better after a good laugh and laughing has a good social implication. Laughter reduces stress level, distracts you from anger or negative emotions. It can play an important role in parenting and family life, and also at work. Work done in a less tense environment goes easily and often fulfilling. Laughter could be a good source of exercise. You know that exhausting feeling where your side hurts, you are struggling to catch a breath, and you feel like you would, after a work-out session? Yes that is what a good laughter can achieve.

Always take time out to engage in events where you can catch a good laughter. Who can add a single day to their years by unnecessary worry?


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by Adekanmi Olubakin - Monday, 13 October 2014, 7:11 PM
Anyone in the world

Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning with the thought of surviving another day in school with the stressful timeliness and various brain draining exercises. I was still hiding under my blanket when the thought of my group meeting scheduled for 8am struck me, it was 6.15am already. I rushed to the bathroom to have my bath while I was saying my morning prayers at the same (how funny). Having dressed up, I took two slices of bread and dashed out of the house forgetting to drink water.  As I walked to the bustop, I remembered a Bob Marley track and started singing to myself the chorus of the song;

"Don't worry about a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be alright.
Singing' "Don't worry about a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be alright!"

And then the first stanza which seems like the only parts of the song I could remember.

Rise up this mornin',
Smiled with the risin' sun,
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin' sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Saying', ("This is my message to you")

On getting to school, I finished my group meetings and started my lecture classes for the day. Having read the cases and discussed it prior to the classes I was surprised at how easily I got confused during the third course for the day. Even though I thought I had prepared so well for it. Leaving the school, I told myself I just have to beat this, as I have left the school premises angrily.

Note:  Names used in this article are not the individual's real names

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by Jadesola Adepoju - Monday, 13 October 2014, 6:54 PM
Anyone in the world

God gave man sexual drive and he is also the originator of man's sexuality. He told Adam to be fruitful and multiply. The only time God frown's at the act of lovemaking is when it is not within the boundaries of marriage. However, when the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable. Sex is usually abused by people because they do not understand the purpose for which it was created by God. Sex by God's design is sacred and his intention is for our sexual drive to be fulfilled within the boundaries of marriage. Below are the purposes of sex:

Sex is for bonding: It serves as a seal on the covenant and commitment a man and a woman makes to each other. It produces a bonding of their minds, hearts, emotions and bodies. The spiritual and emotional oneness produced by love and marriage must serve as the foundation for sexual bonding in order to do it as God intended.

Sex is for pleasure: To have a successful marriage requires hard-work even when married to the right person. God created sex to give joy and satisfaction as well as ease tension in  marriage.

Sex is for procreation: God seeks godly offspring and these can only come about when children are born into God's idea of a loving family unit which is when parents are committed to lovingly raising their children in an upright way.

Sex goes beyond the physical act. It is also a spiritual act as when two people engage in sexual acts, there is a bonding and transference of spirits. This I believe is one of the causes of married people after a few years start behaving alike and some even begin to look alike.

As a single person, you are called to a life of holiness and chastity not just in terms of not engaging in premarital sex but also to respect the sanctity of the marriage institution. Do not put yourself under the pressure of your culture or accepted norms in the society. Peer pressure should also be managed effectively bearing in mind that you came to the world on your own and your pace is unique to its own self.

Anyone in the world


One day when my parents were not around, my younger sister who is an asthmatic patient developed a serious asthma attack and I had to rush her down to the hospital. She had taken her regular medication and it seemed to stabilize her.

However, we encountered a lot of traffic on our way and we had waited for so long. At some point, I happened to be in the front row while we waited at the traffic signal for the green light, my sister began to gasp and wheeze terribly and the situation became so critical that I became scared. Immediately, I slammed the accelerator and sped off, beating the traffic signal. I immediately noticed the men of the Federal Road Safety Corps in hot pursuit but I did not stop until I got to the hospital.

When the officers got to the hospital and saw me struggling to get my sister out of the car, they assisted me in getting her into the emergency ward quickly thus saving her life.

Without having to explain to them, they understood that saving the life of my sister was more important to me at that particular point than having to obey the traffic signal. But they urged me to avoid beating the traffic light as it could lead to an accident.

It was easy for me to give in to the temptation to act unethically because at that point her situation got so critical that she was seriously gasping for breath and I was scared that something terrible could happen to her if I did not beat the traffic light to get her to the hospital on time for medical help.

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by Adekunle Ekundayo - Monday, 13 October 2014, 6:38 PM
Anyone in the world

Hello People! It has been a wonderful weekend and a good break from blogging. For me, the highlight of my weekend was getting home on Friday night to find out that the website was temporarily shut down. Oh! it was a sweet relief and it just kept getting sweeter as we were informed by our wonderful facilitator that it would be down for a bit. With that said, I went straight to bed. 

Right now, I am in class listening to 'Chandeliers' by Sia. I took interest in her songs when I heard 'Guts over fear' by Eminem featuring Sia. The song is the theme song for the new Denzel Washington movie, 'The Equalizer' which is currently showing in at the cinema. I have been anticipating this movie for about five months. I could literally tell you the whole movie based on the trailers I saw. Fortunately for me, my long awaited opportunity finally came on Friday. Immediately after a busy day, I headed straight for the palms. It was a good evening because I got to meet a couple of old friends but that's another story for another blog post. So I can officially say that on the 10th of October 2014, I watched the equalizer. Enough of the filling words and let's get straight to the movie.

The movie is about a retired agent who is living peacefully and is forced back into active killing in the bid to help. It might appear as a cliche but there are some extraordinary scenes and words. The killer scene to me when he 'sniped' a person with a power hammer! Who does that! Denzel has been doing that for years. The focus from this movie I would like to draw out is a statement he makes "The man has got to be the man, the fish has got to be the fish, you have to be who you are in this world." Another would be "when someone does something unspeakable to someone you hardly knew, you do something about it because you can."

At this point I drop my pen and would continue tomorrow. Stay blessed! Holla!

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by olaseinde osunba - Monday, 13 October 2014, 6:33 PM
Anyone in the world

Hey friends, I am so sure everyone knows the iphone 6 is out and it is one of the most expensive and impressive phones available in the market.  You will hardly see anyone with it yet and I can bet that when you do, you will often get: "Wow! This guy must be a big boy.” The phone actually costs about a quarter of a million naira and the extent at which most people especially girls will go to acquire a phone such as this will be unspeakable. Most who don't even have cars will acquire one to please their friends.

It was even mentioned that a man in the united states who had a hard time selling is three bedroom apartment resorted to swapping it for an Iphone 6, for a long time, the detached property which was been offered for $4,000 has been on the market and due to the economic downturn has refused to attract any good prospects. The frustrated owner who bought the house four years ago for $40,000 soon decided to use the proposition as a marketing plot to attract buyers. Such strange things will keep happening over a mere phone device which would soon run out of fashion.

The Iphone6 features a bigger clearer and crisp display screen. It also has improved LTE and Wi-Fi speeds and also comes with a better camera autofocus, increased storage capacities up to 128GB. The Phone also delivers a bigger screen than its competitors like the Samsung S6 whilst remaining easy to handle and it also comes with.

Now, Apple the makers of the iphone 6 have created a big brother called iphone 6 Plus which is similar to a tab which now features a 5.5 -inch display. Both phones feature faster processors, flatter designs, extensively improved cameras, speedier Wi-Fi and LTE, better voice quality and onboard storage

The iphone 6 has become a status symbol in the work and business environment and the students all over are catching up fast too. The 2014 models of the iPhone 6 all incorporate the Apple Pay which is the best feature of the phone, it is a potentially revolutionary NFC-powered payment system that turns the phone into a credit card which i doubt would be any good in the part of the world, however i wish all my friends and enemies who acquire the phone the best of luck and pray they do not break the screen or lose it to thieves with the first three weeks.

Anyone in the world

Just yesterday I saw a video of a terrible accident where it looked like the driver of a truck decided to drive on the wrong side of the road. Lives were lost and people cried. all because the driver of this truck was irresponsible.
Every driver on the road should know that there are other people's lives at stake, thereby take extra precautions while driving. all drivers should:

  1. Not drive while feeling sleepy
  1. follow road regulations
  1. have a valid driver's licence
  1. consider others on the road
  1. dont drink and drive
  1. drive on the right side of the road/lane.
  1. keep under the speed limit. etc.
If all drivers do most of all these I listed above, I am quite sure that there will be less accidents on the road.
Also in the case of Nigeria and most developing contries, the government should also endeavor to fix the roads and build good roads. 
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by segun thomas - Monday, 13 October 2014, 6:01 PM
Anyone in the world

As the 2015 general elections draw nearer,the movers and shakers in the political space in Nigeria are beginning to go on another rampage of political consultations in a bid to sit in the government houses across the federation  in both at the state and federal level.To a cross section of Nigerians,it is yet another year of cash dolling,and making of hypocritical apathy,in a bid to win the is another of political killings,we have heard of a few with many more to hear before the commencement of the elections,they had been wide speculations that this coming election year will determine our existence as a nation owing to several predictions by the US and its allies,and also the expiration of our amalgamation as a nation by our founding fathers.Elections in the past had been marred in the past as been violent,and in a bit to stop that ,the present political dispensation,under the leadership of president Goodluck jonathan has put measures in place to forestall confidence in the minds of Nigerians for the coming election year,which is evident in the recently held elections in anambra,ekiti and osun state.To an average Nigerian,it is widely seen as a battle between image redeeming and personality dent for the aspiring politicians to dent the image of the present political office holders in a bid to get the mandate of the people,unfortunately,it used to be politics of political parties,but the game has changed to a politics of personality where an aspirant's image and values tends to be a rallying point for his/her potential voters for a possible wish and hope is that we get our priority right in the discharge of our duties as a leader and chief servants of the peoples mandate,and also as the acclaimed giant of africa,to be a pace setter in human and economic development before nigeria degenerates into another libya,central african republic etc by the menace of poverty and boko haram  

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by hadiza abdullahi - Monday, 13 October 2014, 5:59 PM
Anyone in the world
I visited the market one weekend and after making all the necessary purchase of items I flagged down a cab and got one quickly and happily hopped in. I rolled down the glass as it was very hot and the man yelled at me like a wailing banshee. I asked what he will have me do as it was terribly hot and he said he did not like the window of his backseat down. He further screamed I had better switch to the front seat or come down from his vehicle. I was full of resentment at a shocking experience I thought would have been handled less complicatedly. I was so mad at the cab man that I wanted to start exchanging words with him as he got me really furious, but on a second thought, I knew exchanging words with him was a total waste of time due to the fact that he was not on the same level with me. I made sure my emotions did not control me, I allowed my will and intellect come to play because I knew that if anyone had passed at that moment and sees me fighting with a cab man, it would have been very bad and I will be very disappointed in myself. I had to prevent the spread of the plight by stepping out of the car and not exchange words with him.
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by Chinonye Iheanachor - Monday, 13 October 2014, 5:38 PM
Anyone in the world

Mrs. Beatrice Orji is an entrepreneur who owns and runs a Minimart in Lagos, Nigeria. She has managed the business for four years and done a good job of it. She has managed to transform a road side business into a successful business that makes, on the average, an income of over One Hundred thousand naira a day.

I spoke with her last week and she mentioned that her business started to blossom and look more promising when she decided to apply some knowledge she had gotten from a course she had recently taken back then on consumer behaviour. She had learnt then, that customers usually tend to buy more when they were labelled. So she would refer to each customer as the best patroniser of her business. This, she said, usually gave them a sense of high feelings of importance and some would even ask her to keep the change when they had overpaid for their groceries.

She mentioned that in the first two years of running the business, she worked with five different sales persons. Each one seemed to follow in the footsteps of the sales person before him/her. Each time the pressure got high, the sales people tended to either resign or suddenly stop coming to work. She had wondered why this was the case as she usually tried to make them see that she was doing them a favour by keeping them employed. She said she soon realised after the second year that people only tend to work if they want to or have to. She learnt to get her sales people to think of the benefits they would be entitled to if the business grew at a faster rate than it was. She said this has helped her maintain a steady growth as well as steady employees. She no longer has to spend time understanding her employees nor do the employees have to spend quality time trying to understand her while the business suffered.

She has also learnt to build quality relationships with people around her and that has really played a tremendous role in expanding her business. She has people placing orders from all parts of Lagos and sometimes from the Eastern Parts of Nigeria because of the relationships she had built with people over time.

She mentioned that if she had known what she knows now about human behaviour four years ago when she started the business, she would have added a new branch to her business by now.

So peeps, no knowledge is a waste.