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by Toritsemogha Afinotan - Wednesday, 12 May 2021, 9:47 PM
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Activity ratios are measures of how well assets are used. Activity ratios -- which are, for the most part, turnover ratios -- can be used to evaluate the benefits produced by specific assets, such as inventory or accounts receivable. Or they can be use to evaluate the benefits produced by all a company's assets collectively. 

 These measures help us gauge how effectively the company is at putting its investment to work. A company will invest in assets – e.g., inventory or plant and equipment – and then use these assets to generate revenues. 

The greater the turnover, the more effectively the company is at producing a benefit from its investment in assets.

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by joseph adeyemi - Wednesday, 12 May 2021, 8:24 PM
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As we begin this holiday, I will like to wish my Muslim brothers and sisters a happy Eid-El Fitri celebration and  that all of our prayers will be accepted. Also, let us remember to pray for our nation, Nigeria, which is dealing with insecurity issues.

Thank you for your time...BENTLEY
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“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

                     —Oscar Wilde

So this week has been kind of solemn for me, i have had to reflect on a lot of things; things that i never even used to think about. But in all, i asked myself if i was truly living out my life according to my terms or was i simply acting out a scene from another person’s script. Also i thought about the possibility of me just trying to get through each day, without joy sometimes, no plans, no aspirations.. Was i truly living or just existing???

I am yet to completely answer my question but one thing I’m sure of. I don’t want to just exist and try to get through each day as it comes.. No‼! I want to live fully and die empty.. I want to be happy, be myself, make plans, look forward to things, achieve my goals, love completely and enjoy as much as i can.

My fellow brethren, the moment of truth is here: Are you LIVING or barely existing?????

I remain your humble expert, no, semi-expert‼‼ ❤️❤️❤️


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by Adefolake Adewusi - Wednesday, 12 May 2021, 10:47 AM
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A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. What does this mean? Is it enough for you to shine without imparting others? I have a little painful story to share on this that turned out sweetly in the end…

At a point in my life, I was looking for some facelift in my endeavours and came across an opportunity with one slot. An acquaintance was also vying for the slot but you see, I had a bit more of an insider knowledge.

Well, I shared my insider knowledge with this acquaintance and being otherwise more experienced, my acquaintance got the slot, not me. I didn’t know whether to be pained or grateful for helping out. I mentally shrugged my shoulders and moved on…

Some while later, the books of records were opened and I ended up getting a juicier deal from the same company than I would have gotten if things had worked out fine for me initially.

Bottom line. Don’t hoard your light ‘cos what goes around surely does come around. What is yours will be yours, though it may tarry, it will surely get delivered to your doorstep.




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by Orji Anyianuka - Wednesday, 12 May 2021, 5:05 AM
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Raw Data on its own is meaningless and nobody cares about it. What people care about are insight and knowledge. Raw data is a mere collection of numbers, dates, and text which is yet to be manipulated by organizing, cleaning, sorting, filtering, calculating and summarizing the data set. 

So how do you turn data into knowledge or tweak data to generate insight? Data analysis is the application of tools and techniques to organize, study, reach conclusions and sometimes also make predictions about a specific collection of information.

The point of data analysis is to understand information on a deeper, more meaningful level. And this can be something as simple as finding the sum or average of a set of numbers or as complex as estimating the probability of a team winning the FIFA world cup. 

Data analysis can range from the very simple to the most sophisticated to meet even the most demanding needs.

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by Faith Muwar Mpara - Tuesday, 11 May 2021, 10:12 PM
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Mes chers frères et sœurs.

Je devrais être Camerounaise et très bilingue.

Mais ce n'est pas le reflet de la réalité

Pas tout à fait désirable 😔 

J'ai eu la chance d'apprendre et même de réussir.

J'ai toujours eu de meilleurs résultats en Français qu'en Anglais à l'école.

J'ai une nouvelle motivation pour acquérir une compétence professionnelle en français.

Je devrais considérer cela comme un programme scolaire et me lancer.

Parce que ça ne sert à rien de se contenter de moins.

Je reviendrai dans quelques semaines, mois et années, lorsque nous serons tous fiers de mes progrès. ☺️

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by Toritsemogha Afinotan - Tuesday, 11 May 2021, 4:14 PM
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Liquidity ratios basically provides an outlook  of a company’s ability to generate cash to meet its immediate needs of which there are three commonly used liquidity ratios: 

1. The current ratio:- this is the ratio of current assets to current liabilities; Indicates a company's ability to satisfy its current liabilities with its current assets

2. The quick ratio:- this is the ratio of quick assets (generally current assets less inventory) to current liabilities; Indicates a company's ability to satisfy current liabilities with its most liquid assets.

3. The net working capital to sales ratio:- This is the ratio of net working capital (current assets minus current liabilities) to sales; Indicates a company's liquid assets (after meeting short term obligations) relative to its need for liquidity (represented by sales).

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by Oladipupo Adebanjo - Monday, 10 May 2021, 11:40 PM
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It was a really exciting, to learn that Professor Akintola Owolabi, will be facilitating the course, cost and management accounting.

We immediately commenced, with a refresher on corporate and financial accounting(CFA), and how it dove's tail into cost and management accounting(CMA).

In CFA, we primarily pictured decision making, principally for investors, on whether a potential investor should invest or not; taking into account 3 major parameters namely, returns, risk, and overtime period.

There were salient questions asked, as to why are we in business? How do accountants measure profit? What direction should profit face? For profit to be up, what should be the direction of revenue? What direction should expenses face? By providing the right answers to the above questions, it is evident that between expense and revenue, expense is more within the control of a manager.

The amount of the product that one sells, is based on the per unit value of that product by the volume or number of products. Likewise, the total revenue is the selling price by the volume or quantity of that product. Except for a monopolistic or oligopolistic situation, one cannot charge any selling price as there is a competitive market and once equilibrium is struck, the prices will become stable.

The die is certainly cast, and I can't wait to update you on what seems to be a very interesting course.

From me, it is Love and Light always.



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Easy for you to say…you may scoff under your breath at the topic. Well, the truth is everyone has at one time or the other had a bout of panic attack. My point with the topic is that panic often paralyses us from dissecting and distilling issues properly. As such, we should be intentional about avoiding if even if we come up short once in a while.

I mention come up short because even I who tries to be intentional about not giving in to panic still had a panic attack of sorts a few days ago when my deliverable timeline was looming, yet my materials were not ready…But that’s not really the point of this post.

You see, about four years ago, a few of my colleagues and I enrolled for an international tax certification. I had my first shot at one of the courses and failed. Again, panic attack in retrospect. I had thought the questions to be so difficult that I got disorganised in my time planning. By the time I got to the last question which was to take about 45 mins to answer and discovered I could actually answer it relatively easily, I had just 5 mins to ‘pens up.’ Failed the course by 2 marks. Of course, I immediately gave myself a self-motivational speech on the power of 1 or 2 marks. *laughs.

Anyways, teeth gritted, I re-enrolled for that course and did my darn best to prepare, re-wrote the exam and it was a breeze or so I thought…

But when the results were released, I did not see my name in the pass list. Panic and depression mode set in. You see I did not even contemplate that there could have been some logistics issues. In my head, I had bungled the exam yet again and perhaps wasn’t any good after all.

I got talking to one of my colleagues who also took the exam and boy! I loved her spirit. She did not see her name in the pass list too but immediately said that she was sure that there was some mistake somewhere ‘cos she knew what she wrote in the exam. See confidence…! But, could she be right? I wondered. Well, being the oldest in the pack, I took it upon myself to reach out to the examiners. After all, s/he who is already down need fear no fall in’it?

Bingo! We found out our results were withheld without any notification to us on the mistaken belief that we had not paid our exam fees. Of course, we provided evidence of this and our results were released. My confident colleague and I both passed our exams.

You see, my panic mode had prevented me from seeing this glimmer of hope and but for my more confident younger colleague, I may have been shattered into thinking I was no good, either giving up the exams outright or perhaps re-enrolling for yet another retake.

Bottomline, don’t panic.

Oh by the way, I now have the international tax certification😍




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From the data analytics course outline, these are the things to expect:

Description and Content

Business Analytics refers to the body of knowledge involving quantitative approaches to decision making. 

The topics are drawn from diverse areas, such as Management Science (MS), Operations Research (OR), Decision Science, Business Statistics and Business Analytics. These topics range from Inferential statistics, Hypothesis testing, Regression analysis, Probability analysis, Decision science, Preference theory, Utility and Game Theory, Forecasting and Time Series, Linear Programming, Measures of Profitability and Time Value of Money, Inventory Models, Waiting Line Models, Project Scheduling, Network Models, Simulation, Markov Processes etc. 

The course is expected to be focused on practical applications of the concepts and communication of the results and recommendations, and to use a problem scenario approach.

Goals for the Course

  • become familiar with the terminology, basic tools and concepts of management science and scientific approach to decision making, 

  • become proficient in techniques of analyzing real-world operational situations using spreadsheet software and interpret the results of the quantitative and computational analysis of a decision problem.

  • become able to construct and analyze decision trees for business decision making.

  • gain an appreciation of the importance of Linear programming in solving business problems.


Microsoft Excel 2010 and Microsoft BI

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