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by OLUFEMI IDOWU - Tuesday, 14 October 2014, 3:31 AM
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I define praise as a medium whereby we hand over our battles directly to God. It is the HOTLINE that provokes divine intervention. Knowing fully well from that book of Luke chapter one verse thirty seven that: "for with God nothing shall be made impossible”. Praise I define as a spiritual exercise that must be frequently put in place by believers in our journey of this earth. Putting this to your remembrance that praise is the only thing that God cannot do for himself, rather we were created primarily to praise him. In a nutshell one of the reasons for our existence is to praise him. A wise man once said anything of value is a function of cost, but the mystery of praise is that it is so powerful and valuable yet it cost less so believers disregard due to its simplicity.

The bible tells a story in 2chro20 about a king named Jehoshaphat he was a man that feared God. At a point during his reign, the nation of Syria came against his kingdom in a battle. He was afraid so he gathered his people and declared a fast to sought God on what to do. During the fasting period he went in prayers in acknowledgement of how God had saved his people during the days of his fathers and also that he is still capable of doing same thing today. So God appeared in the prayer room and said to him and "Jehoshaphat you don't need to fight in this battle, set yourself, stand still and see the salvation of the lord with you. God instructed him that all he needed to do was to appoint singers unto him that will praise the beauty of his holiness as they went out before the armies of their enemies.

On the day of the battle they did exactly what God had instructed and as they began to sing praises to God, God set ambushment against their enemies and they came against themselves and they were all smitten to death. From my earlier definition of praise it validates the happening above. They didn't need to fight in the battle God himself took over the battle

........if time permits me I will also mind to share with you my friends what we call "targeted praise”...................

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by Olaoluwa Benjamin - Tuesday, 14 October 2014, 12:02 AM
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I stood there, staring fixedly at the pair of shoes through the glass doors of the store. Amidst the many 'oohs' and 'aahs' that my friends made at them in sheer admiration, I thought to myself, 'if I could afford this beautiful pair before me, would I really buy them?'.

They were a black lace patent leather boots with a pink coloured satin peeking underneath; the very delight of every shoe lover! The 4” heels and zipper were just perfect. However, 'perfection' was the least word to describe the price tag that hung from the side of the shoe. My friends and I had seen the shoe during our window-shopping after seeing a film at the movies. The design was quite beautiful, and in our surprise, we made a cheerful display before the store, loving every bit of the shoes. Perhaps, I was the only one who saw the price tag or even cared to look at it, but then there it was, a tiny white card that read #76,000.

Now, I didn't know what to think of it as a young unemployed undergraduate student. Who in her right mind was ever going to purchase that pair of shoe no matter how attractive it seemed to her? As I counted the 'zeroes' over again, I wondered if I would buy them if I had such an amount to spare. At this juncture, I had begun to weigh my 'needs and wants'. Agreed, the shoes were nice enough to buy them off the rack that very instant but then they were only shoes - see how a price tag can shape one's rationality? My fervour for a pair of shoe was drastically reduced on seeing the price tag. Definitely, they were not shoes I neither needed nor wanted any longer.

The question to be asked is this, should a price be a yard stick for what we consider a need or something we merely want? Most times, this is what happens when we come across such delightful items on sale. We define a need unconsciously (or consciously) by what we can afford and on the other hand, what we do not need is something we obviously cannot afford. However, majority of the items that fall in this category of needs are not what we truly need. They are merely items that we want and can afford at that moment.

If I had that #76,000 to spare easily on those boots, they would be hanging in my shoe rack today (probably worn out because it's over five years today). Irrespective of the times, this is a situation that we all face and have to make such considerable choices. Lacy leather or not, who needed boots to run up staircases in a haste to attend lecture classes anyway.

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According to "Nigerian Weddings Guide" - The entire article was curled from the site. The genotypes in humans are AA, AS, AC, SS. I hadn't heard of the genotype AC until I was researching for this article and found Dr. Peter's article (Dr. Ademola Peter) on the subject of genotypes and blood groups. He's also the one I quoted above and throughout this article. Anyway, I guess AC is not common in genotypes or I've simply not heard about it. But AS and AC are both abnormal take note. And the great problem referred to above that we're trying to avoid with genotype matchmaking for intending couples is the Sickle cell disease. Sickle cell disease (a recessive disorder) is a very serious medical condition with high prevalence rate in sub Saharan Africa. Intending couples must make sure to know their genotypes and be sure it's compatible for marriage before going ahead to get married. So who can you marry and who shouldn't you marry based on Genotype compatibility? Someone with the genotype AA can marry across. That is there's no risk of having a sicklier for a child even when he or she marries an SS. But AA marrying an SS can only result in AS children. There's no hope of having a child with the genotype AA. But there's no danger either. Someone with the genotype AS should only marry someone with the genotype AA because if AS marries AS there's one out of 4 chances (AS, AS, AA and SS) that they will have a child with the sickle cell disease. Same applies when AC is combined. AC and AS combine will produce AA, AS, AC, SC, the sickle cell disease will be SC. Remember what the quote above from Dr. Peter said, it's only when two abnormal marry that there is a great problem. Of course there are many cases where two abnormal was combined that is an AS and AS or AC and AC or AC and AS couples and had up to five or six children without a single sicklier among them. But why risk it? What if you're not so lucky? Can you forgive yourself when you end up having a child with the sickle cell disease and put the child through the agony the disease brings when you could have easily avoided it? Compatible genotypes for marriage are: AA marries an AA. That's the best compatible. That way you save your future children from having to worry about genotype compatibility in future. AA marries an AS. You'll end up with kids with AA and AS which is good. But sometimes if you're not lucky all the kids will be AS. Like my elder sister who is AA and married an AS and was expecting to have kids with genotype mostly AA. But the last I heard two out of her 3 kids are AS; I'm not sure what the genotype of her third child is. Like I've said there's no problem having kids with AS except if eventually the kids marry people with the genotype AS. AS and AS should not marry. AS and SS shouldn't think of marrying. And definitely SS and SS must not marry since there's absolutely no chance of escaping having a child with the sickle cell disease.
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 King Archibong Duke III


 The man in the picture above is King Archibong Duke III of Old Calabar. He is the first king to be crowned with a regalia sent from the Queen of England!. cool eh?


If you look closely at his head you will see that there are two crowns on it. I didn't notice this until a friend pointed it out to me. But seriously! Why would anyone want to have two crowns on their head at the same time? one on top of the other? ... haha!! you humans never seize to amaze me (>_>). Wait till you know the story behind this mystery.


When I saw this picture, I felt really sorry for the woman standing at his right. She looks.... sad, trapped, tired, miserable.... imagine what she must have been going through as a woman in those days. Oh well.... 

...Back to the crown.

 The first story I heard was that the queen sent him two crowns, The second crown was supposed to be for his wife! but nooooooo!! as a proper African man that he is has to show that he is the all powerful king, by wearing two crowns!. and his wife? well...she doesn't look like her opinion was sought. Sad.

I laughed hard when I heard this one! It's totally!

The second story is that the people of Duke Town in Calabar Crowned him first then the Queen of England crowned him a second time. And so, our wonderful king decided to wear both crowns for this picture..

 Say cheese!


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by omolara alegbe - Monday, 13 October 2014, 11:21 PM
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Educational advancement is one of the most pertinent things in one's lifetime and no price is too great for knowledge acquisition. My desire for a Master's degree began last year after the commencement of my career pursuit in the managed care industry (health insurance industry). I was caught in trying to decide which Master's degree would be beneficial to my career and broaden my scope professionally. "An MPH or MBA?” I wondered. I inquired from more knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the health sector, and I was advised to pursue an MBA. In addition, I was advised that Lagos Business School was the way to go as far as business education in Nigeria was concerned. If I was going to learn how the business world works, I had to learn from the best. So, I began making inquiries and working on application requirements.

 Enrollment and preparation for the GMAT followed and an appointment was booked to enable meeting up with the application deadline (short, but it was a chance worth taking in my eyes). During preparations for the test, distractions came in a rush; from challenges at the home front, to roller coaster rides in my emotional life. "Why now?” I thought. Three days to my test in Abuja, the Nyanya blast hit the news and the location of my accommodation is less than one kilometre from there. In spite of all these, I remained determined to go through with the test. My test score was below the requirement and I went into a state of depression. Just when I was nursing myself out of that, I had an accident on the same day of arrival from Abuja. I took a break from everything except my job and spirituality for a week so that I could recharge my 'batteries'.

A week after the break, my family friend and mentor informed me about the entrance exam. I became fearful of the outcome of the exam but he encouraged me to go through with it. So, I submitted my application without a GMAT score and began studying again. Soon after, I got invited for the exam. During the exam, there were a number of challenges encountered especially with logistics resulting in quite a number of unanswered questions. After the exam, I wrote the school and the admissions officer that I had been in contact with, concerning all that transpired at the exam centre.

In about a week or two, I got invited for an interview. My mentor prepared me for the interview but after a great time with my interviewers, I suddenly went into a state of anxiety over whether I was good enough to be given a "yes” from all three. I prayed to reduce the anxiety and distracted myself with work and other activities. Some weeks later, I received my admission letter via email. My joy knew no bounds. My goal for 2014 has been achieved! Amidst the ecstasy, I felt humbled and a rush of sober reflection. I realised that in the course of pursuing this goal, I became more aware of myself and found myself becoming better than how I was prior to this period of events. Even if I did not get into the programme, the experience was not without a lesson to learn.

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by Erumena Ogun - Monday, 13 October 2014, 10:36 PM
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Mermaids also known as mami water by the Nigerian people has been a source of fascination to me during my childhood years. I can remember when watching the Disney animation "The little mermaid”. I wondered at that tender age if it was real or just a figment of imagination made up by Disney.  Although as a kid I didn't analyse it further, I was just concerned about having a great time seeing ''the little mermaid'' with a bowl of popcorn shared with friends.

Last year, Animal planet had its highest rated show titled ''Mermaids- the body found”.  It was reported that there could be evidences that mermaids are real from extensive research made by scientists but viewers failed to see the disclaimer made by National oceanic and atmospheric administration (NOAA). They claimed it was a video clip made for the public to view mermaid with a possibility of existence. 

Also photos were spread across the social media of mermaids found in Malaysia after the Tsunami, in Zimbabwe and Israel to mention a few. Sightings throughout history has been reported by people like Christopher Columbus and Henry Hudson the explorer. Cultures around the world seemed to have mermaids in their folklore in ancient time where communication between certain tribes were considered impossible.

It seemed people wanted to believe that mermaids exists. This can be illustrated when the government of Israel promised to reward any person who can provide a conclusive footage of a real mermaid with S1, 000,000.

Are mermaids real or just a hoax? I believe that there's a possibility that mermaids could be more than just a fiction character since only 5% of the ocean creatures has been discovered. Although my previous statement was me exhibiting my open mindedness and viewing issues from different perspectives as an LBS student should but prior to LBS, I would say that it was a being created by human's imagination.

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by Motolani Sanni - Monday, 13 October 2014, 9:32 PM
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Every child at one stage or another of his life had wondered "why can't my parents just get off my back?", "they are choking me", "am grown can't I just live my life?", "please let me be" and these expressions go on and on and on. At what point are parents meant to draw the line, at what point do they need to understand that their little girl is no more little, she has grown and she needs to find her own path.

It is okay for parents to still unleash their full parenting on their kids from 0-17 years but once a child turns 18 upwards, parents should begin to lean back on full parenting. They should no longer be that dictating parent they should begin to treat their children as adults and make them understand they need to start being responsible for the decisions they make. Parents should begin to use the dialogue approach whereby they can discuss with their kids and both parties can say it the way it is and they eventually have a mutual understanding of each other's opinion.

Most parents fail to draw the line and this has destroyed the lives of their children and in some cases those kids have had to curse the graves of their parents. Such parents policed and created no platform for dialogue for their children so much that their kids found comfort out in the real world from the wrong group of people. This is one of the reasons why most kids end up as drug addicts because those people they felt easy to confide in introduced them to it.

Parents should educate their children on the basic principles and rules of life and let them make their choices. Let them experience life and see for themselves what it takes to survive. Parents fail to understand and realize that most times it is not about how much you police a child; most children will do things because that is what they want for themselves not because you are enforcing it on them.

Apologies to pastors, but one would expect that a pastor's child would be so responsible and well mannered, but nowadays, reverse is the case. Likewise, one would also expect the child of a drunkard to also live a reckless life but most times it does not turn out so. It is because those children made up their minds on what they wanted out of life not because their parents were policing and restricting them.

Most parents restrict their children so much that once these kids just get a single dose of freedom they misbehave. Parents should not cage their kids, allow them to make mistakes and correct them, it is only by this they able to learn and grow.

All these make me realize that parents can only try to shape the life they want for their child but in the end it is left for the child to decide and choose his own path. If only some parents were just attentive enough to listen to their children, if only they just created that platform whereby their kids are free to approach them and say their minds, if only they were not so imposing, if only...............and I can say these are some of the 'if only' that run through the mind of many children across the world. So many things they have to say, so many they want to say but then so many they never get the opportunity to say.

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by Oluwatobiloba Ricketts - Monday, 13 October 2014, 9:17 PM
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Dear BLOG,

I can't believe you finally got me! What a shame! Tried hard to run away from you, yet you sent 'EUGENE' to me knowing i can't say 'NO' hian!

Seriously, i had you on my mind even though activities took over my 'Life' and i ditched all the plans we had 2years ago...plans of we seeing each day, treating our friends to 'gbeborun' (gossip) in town, talk relationship, fashion, spiritual things (you know my faith is my bias in all things right?),lend a hand to those in need, laffmatazz and truth factor......Thinking about it now just makes me feel awkward...AM SORRY i really should have kept in touch.Okay never give in to regrets, let's use this opportunity we have to make things right.

So where were we?....Your babe gained admission into Lagos Business School o, biko ' it isn't easy' the rigorous academic activity here can make a bent man straight abi viceversa! Deadlines, assignments, on-the-spot thinking, class participation forms part of our daily routine, though its been challenging and i am still trying to find balance , i tell you its been worthwhile and highly engaging intellectually,morally and socially. You need to meet my classmates a mixture of intelligent, smart, fun-loving, weird and crazy is what you get.

Ehnehn do you remember Wols? He got married on Saturday against all odds... Happy Married Life to him...seriously you wanted more gists right?

Guess i am stuck on you for the next 1month or more, still in thoughts about the 'more' part, i will try each day to be here, can't promise you my weekend though.

I have to run now ABP and MC cases calls!!!



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by Chiamaka Ezediunor - Monday, 13 October 2014, 9:02 PM
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Shoes are a true fetish, a perfect get-away! A person starts off innocently with a pair, and then proceeds to having more and more, then the addiction takes a hold on you, and suddenly, you have about one to two hundred or even thousands of shoes, then out of the blue you feel the need to use a room in your home as your shoe museum to house them.

A shoe fanatic lives the 'I-see-it-I-like-it-I-buy-it' kind of life, these people do not make any sense out of buying shoes just for a purpose or an event. She feels shoes have emotions, and you don't want to hurt them by leaving them homeless! By the way, there is no such thing as having a favorite pair of shoe; yea, why be such a racist?

Sometimes, you go completely overboard to get some pairs of Christian Louboutins; just like Danielle Steel, an American novelist, who declared she owns six thousand pairs of shoes, all Christian Louboutins! Just WOW!!! Well, what can I say; she can afford her obsession for shoes. Some shoe addicts even go as far as ordering custom-made shoes. Nick Canon recently requested for the world's most expensive shoes from Tom Ford, a $2million diamond-encrusted shoe, totally blinged out. Please, I know I love shoes oo, but I won't mind a quarter of that money sleeping in my bank account, so that I can smile to the bank too na; just like bosses in class like Sehinde, Olusanya, Madam Obehi and Chinyere. I want to be like you guys when I grow up! I hail oo.

Just like a shoe fanatic said, "A pair of shoes can change your life. Just ask Cinderella?” So please, if Cinderella's only nice pair of shoe can get her her prince charming, maybe owing a shoe museum in my home will lead me to my IDRIS ALBA.

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by Ayodeji Akintayo - Monday, 13 October 2014, 8:58 PM
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Dr. Mrs Adeoti- A University lecturer

I admire her because of the way she teaches and handles her students, she strives for the best of everyone. She supports students' enterprise and students' in leadership. She organizes leadership training session and professional study exposition for students. She is God fearing and very principled.

Nathaniel Bassey- A musician

I admire him because of his distinct tone, excellent touch and classy music. He sings with simplicity and his level of professionalism is excellent. He is one of the few musicians that would not demand for royalty and this has helped him a long way to impart lives through his music. He stands out amongst other artiste in his genre.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye- A Preacher

Aside the fact that he is one of the most influential personality in the world. His humility, simplicity, and level of maturity is disarming. He is a goal getter and purpose driven. He pastors the largest network of churches in the world and he hasn't stopped he is still pressing for greater achievement even at the age of over seventy years.

Alhaji Aliko Dangote - A businessman

I admire Aliko Dangote because he started small and was able to manage it till it grew big. He is one the most successful businessman in Nigeria and one of the richest black African. He manages multifaceted and inter-linked companies. He combines political and corporate connection which makes him to have much control of Nigeria's commodity trade.

Babatunde Raji Fashola - A politician

He is a Politician that stands out amongst others. His achievements through sincerity and wisdom are undaunted and evident. He is a man who stands for justice and equity and does not condone disorderliness. He has been able to manage one of the most populous and industrious state in Nigeria with a firm grip without arrogance.