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by Funmi Adeoye - Sunday, 22 November 2020, 10:12 AM
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90 seconds to persuade a person...

Ever heard of an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech used to spark interest in what your organization does. During the week, Eugene asked every member of the class to do an elevator pitch. We presented to ourselves and gave each other our honest feedback.

About the task:
Time frame: 90 seconds
Task: Persuade a group of potential investors to invest in a company listed in the NSE

At first, I said to myself that 90 seconds was too short to persuade anyone. But along the line, I learned a lot from my colleague's presentation and the feedback given:
  • The introduction of your pitch is very important. What you say first determines if your audience will listen to you
  • The pace and tone of your speech: Do not rush your presentation because you have 90 seconds, instead, speak at a moderate pace, allowing your audience to digest your information and say the most important thing that would trigger more interest.
  • The use of hand gestures and facial expressions will give more weight to your speech. This also helps with connecting with the audience
  • Storytelling helps to captivate your audience
  • Build credibility with the audience by saying who you are. For instance, when you hear a speaker say." Good morning, My name is Adeoye Funmilayo, I am a finance expert with 10 years experience in banking, I am on board of ..." From this, the audience is captivated by who you are and they want to listen to what you have to say.

In conclusion, 90 seconds is not too short to pass a message across to an audience. All you need is to say those words that would catch the attention of your audience.

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by Olamide Onaolapo - Sunday, 22 November 2020, 6:03 AM
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A few weeks ago, we discussed Loyalty and it was controversial topic. The case study was about a lady who was employed by a company despite not having the relevant experience. She went up through the ranks in a short time as her boss exposed her to a lot of jobs and this gave her an edge. However, she tendered her resignation at the beginning of an important project which her company had worked so hard to get. She was torn between loyalty to the firm and loyalty to her family. She felt with her level of responsibilities, she needed extra money and looked for other job opportunities. Lola’s loyalty to the firm became questionable.

While analyzing the case above, we learnt that being loyal to a business firm does not have to result in a life-long commitment. It simply means rather than acting purely in a way that favours one’s personal interest, one will have to consider the needs of the firm.

There will be cases of conflict of claims of loyalty because we have several loci of loyalty, not just one: loyalty to family, to our profession, to our country, to our religious groups, in which we are seriously involved and so on.

 In cases of conflict among the claims of loyalty, one will have to weigh the strength of each by considering

·         Possibility of dissolving false dilemmas. For example, if one is considering whether to give precedence to taking one’s child to school or finalizing a proposal, it will be beneficial to consider the possibility of the spouse taking the child to school or for a colleague to finalize the proposal.  

·         Length of association with the firm – It is a different feeling when one has to leave a firm with which one has worked for two years and a firm with which one has worked for fifteen years.

In the end, there is no formula to being loyal. One has to assess the strength of the bonds that unite one to different people and groups. One will also have to weigh the different claims in the case of conflict. It is certainly not right to think of oneself and one’s own desires and disregard one’s established commitments and interests of others.

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Anyone in the world

For our last set of management communication classes this week, we were tasked with doing individual persuasive presentations to potential investors with reasons as to why they should invest in the organizations we had selected.

The rules as given by our facilitator, Dr. Euguene were:

  1. The time allotted to each presentation was 90 seconds
  2. Our selected companies had to be listed on the Nigerian stock exchange
  3. The presentations were to be done live in class without any visual aids 

Ninety seconds was pretty small, I knew that I needed to be concise and go straight to the point. I also needed to be persuasive enough to spark an interest in the audience. I knew I was going to struggle as I tended to ramble and be conversational during presentations. I also was not good at selling anything. And so it began for me, from picking the organization to rehearsing the words to my pitch. 

And so the day came when it was time for me to speak. As I imagined, 90 seconds flew by really quickly however, I was able to get most of my pitch out. I also received constructive feedback from my classmates. 

My learning point from this activity is how hard it is to persuade an audience. It is hard. To do so effectively, we need to appeal to the logos - reason, the pathos - Emotion, and Ethos: establishing authority. One without the other two leaves a gap that the audience picks up almost immediately. 


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by Kehinde Olubiyi-Ade - Saturday, 21 November 2020, 11:52 PM
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The rhythm introduces a young man, searching out his necessities for his endeavour; marriage, towards his desire; Anita. The young man who fails realise his intention unfortunately cannot marry Anita, he must take action to prepare. 

Know your strengths, so you can prepare adequately. The lack of preparation, can lead to a frustration which could be the killing of your dreams and hope. 

What is your preparation?

The young man seeks,

The young man demands.

The intentionality of the individual matters to meet their desire, and this is a preparation necessary to realise dreams or goals. 

It could be a presentation, an exam... whatever it may be, prepare!

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Picture of Emuesiri Gerald Consin-Mosheshe
by Emuesiri Gerald Consin-Mosheshe - Saturday, 21 November 2020, 11:49 PM
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These past weeks in Lagos has been filled with heart breaking scenarios, that were orchestrated by the oligarchy that dwells within our nation Nigeria. The politicians know how to hijack power and allow it circulate amongst themselves, without considering the masses, whilst ensuring they secure it at all cost, even at the detriments of the citizens of the nation. 

This has been the genesis of the problems from day one, our grand-parents, and parents’ generation has allowed a group of people seize our resources, which is now being pocketed for their own selfish reasons. Now they feel completely entitled to what is for you, me, and our generation to come.

Unfortunately, the youths wouldn’t stand for this because whilst the situation is thought-provoking, the youths are trying their best to make ends means for their selves; such as: starting and running businesses, investing, and trying to make themselves relevant in whatever way they can. Yet there are the police forces who go about picking on youths with dreadlocks, coloured hair and what not, allegedly claiming they’re internet fraudsters.

This led to a unit within the police system called SARS officials, who carried out killings, extorting, stealing, and doing whatever they liked to youths knowing fully well there’ll be no consequence for their actions. To cut a long story short, the youths were tired so they decided to protest, which made these oligarchies’ send thugs to enable the hijacking of the peaceful protest that led to rapid effect of curfew being placed. Knowing fully well people will flunk the curfew, waiting for the worse to happen, and the worse did happen; the government ended up ordering soldiers to shoot on sight, which led to children dying in a bid to regain power at any expense.

Their mission was accomplished to gain power back, so the next agenda was to ensure they punish all the youths they could lay their hands on, who protested. This led the government to start picking up protesters in a bid to lock them up, without any crime committed, (funfact) part of the reasons why some youths are seeking asylum outside the nation. Bank accounts are being frozen to prevent protesters from accessing cash, they're even being probed  and indicted by the Nigerian government all in the name of distruption of justice and the Nigerian economy, which in hindsight is just payback for we the youths exercising our fundamental rights, whilst exposing and disgracing them to the whole world. 

The fight isn’t over yet. The oldies might think they’ve won the battle, which I give to them, but the war isn’t over so therefore Hope is still present. Firstly the Nigerian government is going to get sanctioned by various world nation's due to the disregard of human rights and other infringements of the law, due to our democratic form of government. Finally! Come 2023 we shall vote all of them out.

So please do me a favour and get your PVC ready. We’re waiting patiently because we shall arise as a formidable team once the right time reaches. God bless my nation. #MBA19  

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by Chinemerem Oparaugo - Saturday, 21 November 2020, 11:37 PM
Anyone in the world

They say

He beats you to pulp

why don't you leave him to dump

You say

One, love makes you stay 

The redeemer in you feels to pray

Two, the children come 

To be without a father may be a lade 

Three, fear allows you life

To leave would be to die 

Four, death makes you stay

Forever a memory too gray 

Five, the question why cannot be answered.

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by Raheena Adeleke - Saturday, 21 November 2020, 10:45 PM
Anyone in the world
A billet-doux to my heart,

Recently, you let your guard down. You fell in love and in the middle of all that sweetness you forgot why you had your guard up in the first place. Not to worry, he reminded you, you broke a little but you got your guard back up. You are strong.

I am sorry you went through that, I am sorry I led you to that. I promise not to ever again. I love you just the way you are, guards up and everything. I won't try to change that anymore cause in the end, it is never worth it.
Picture of Caroline Ayeni
by Caroline Ayeni - Saturday, 21 November 2020, 10:36 PM
Anyone in the world

Activities engagement is ever ongoing; the bustling of life will always be on the increase, responsibilities beckon at various levels of life.  If one is not careful, life would be lived by default in response to its activities and demands. The question is, how do we make life more meaningful admit its demands? 

We don’t have to wait still all task is complete or perfect. We have to choose and embrace what is meaningful and important to our fulfillment.  It is about finding our intrinsic values and reanalyzing why they are important to us in the first place.

It is important to make a plan, and it is important to work towards our goals but sometimes the answers we seek or what we expect to do come in the package deal we imagined, do we let this stop us from celebrating what we have? The answer to this is no!

Even amid uncertainties and unlikely packages, we must choose to recognize moments that are worth celebrating, actions that are commendable, events to be hopeful for, thoughts we must give up to embrace inner peace and to enjoy these moments.

We must be willing to give ourselves breathing space, as long as we are on our chosen path, let us create memories, learn to enjoy our moments on the way to our destination.

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by Emem Ukim - Saturday, 21 November 2020, 10:25 PM
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In my last blog, I wrote about morality sing the morality of human acts, using a scenario where the act itself is good, the purpose of the act is good, the circumstances of the act is good and finally, the morality of the act is good.

I will like to give a scenario where the act itself is bad, the purpose of the act is good, the circumstances of the act is bad and finally, the morality of the act is bad.

Scenario 2: Not all conditions where fulfilled

 The sales manager of TIFE ENTERPRISES is faced with low sales for the period. The low sales has affected the operating activities of the company as cash drives operation. The company decided to increase sales and sought for the right medium to use in penetrating further more into the market. Another company LURV Nigeria Limited is located on the same street with TIFE ENTERPRISE. 

They are both competitors, that is they sell the same products. There are 2 entry points into the street. One of the route is very bad which made LURV Limited clients to access the company through the other route that was motorable This route was actually created by TIFE ENT who had a large space. They created another route linking their street but the people who accessed the road are LURV’s customers. They decided to block the road so that these clients would not be able to access LURV’s Limited because of the bad road and they will purchase their own product.



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by Adedayo Falokun - Saturday, 21 November 2020, 10:04 PM
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I am because you are

Man, by nature, is a social being. As a result, he is always seeking to connect with and create meaningful relationships with others based on shared experience, shared values and/or shared aspirations. The dynamics of social interactions require the fundaments of love, unity, tolerance, compassion, empathy, kindness, mutual respect, forgiveness, self-sacrifice, etc for people to coexists peacefully and progressively.

Furthermore, given the social nature of man, any individual who seeks to isolate him/herself for whatever selfish reason is working against practical wisdom and will eventually suffer in isolation.

It is important to note that while human beings thrive in close relationships with others, these multi-dimensional social interactions come with challenges, often becoming very complicated and even catastrophic in some instances, especially when people with different perspectives, background, values, education, etc are brought together either by marriage, work or other platforms for social interactions. This aspect of social interactions makes it necessary for individuals in a community to develop social skills to be able to relate effectively and avoid/resolve conflicts.

To drive this point home, I will like to draw an excerpt from Nkem Ifejika on the concept of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu simply means: "I am, because you are". In fact, the word ubuntu is just part of the Zulu phrase "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu", which literally means that a person is a person through other people. Ubuntu has its roots in humanist African philosophy, where the idea of community is one of the building blocks of society. Ubuntu is that nebulous concept of common humanity, oneness: humanity, you and me both.

Clearly, we see that the human person thrives in relation to others and whenever this interaction is impaired, it is only a matter of time before the isolated individual implodes.