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by Adefolake Adewusi - Sunday, 23 May 2021, 8:47 PM
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I once had one of those ‘oops I did it again’ moments aka I goofed and big time too. Up till then, I had maintained a clean slate (in my estimation) so you can imagine my unease, especially if you consider that I was in my final stages of the endeavour at the time. You know how it is that a sore thumb easily sticks out; and when it’s the last thing remembered about one, you can imagine it may become quite memorable for the wrong reasons and easily muddy up the clean slate.

Anyways, this note is not about throwing a pity party. Believe you me, I beat myself up about it well enough already. The real issue is, what do you do when you goof?

Well for me, first step is admitting you goofed aka confessing your sins. The counter party already knows you goofed anyways so denying, justifying, excusing, wishing it away or getting defensive would very likely make an already bad situation become worse.

Be apologetic and come clean, no need to lie in my view, though you may need to think up how you want to articulate the truth without causing further damage. Sometimes  getting the views of a trusted ally on how to handle would help, after all two good heads are better than one right?

Make amends quickly, clean up your acts, be on your best behaviour, go and sin no more and of course take the learnings.

For me, the ultimate learning is about properly communicating to the appropriate parties, after all a closed mouth is a closed destiny and trust me the sleepless night that comes from goofing is not worth it and can be prevented most times.




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by Ifeanychukwu Ossai - Saturday, 22 May 2021, 9:31 PM
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This is a ratio that helps you to compare the price of a company’s shares to the earnings the company generates. Usually the PE ratio helps investors to compare the value of shares to be invested in either for a company as a whole.

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by Olabisi Ometoruwa-Miyebi - Saturday, 22 May 2021, 9:19 PM
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Something i found out recently from my Corporate Accounting is that the Financial indices of a company can be measured using Ratios. Ratios can be categorized 👇

Ratios are not independent of each other but work hand in hand. They also should be benchmarked with an industry standard

I remain your humble expert no semi-expert ❤️❤️❤️
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by Adefolake Adewusi - Saturday, 22 May 2021, 6:25 PM
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You know how they say be careful who you meet while up ‘cos you never know if you may need them on your way down? Well, I’ve had a bit of experience on that.

So at some point, I had to work in a team with someone older and more experienced. We got along just fine until one day when I had a bad day and usually good natured me responded to some attitude showing from this fellow by a corresponding display of attitude.

Well, I initially felt justified but then the good girl in me became remorseful and I apologised. My apology was accepted.

Fast forward a little while later, by some twist of fate, my senior colleague became my boss. Imagine what would have happened if I had not made peace when I had a chance…

Your guess is as good as mine. Enough said. We should just Watch It!




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by Toritsemogha Afinotan - Saturday, 22 May 2021, 1:00 PM
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Tiger Brands Limited is the largest South African packaged food company. In addition to the company's South African operations, Tiger Brands also has direct and indirect interests in international food businesses in Chile, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Nigeria, Kenya, and Cameroon.

Originally known as Tiger Oats, Tiger Brand began as a family business in 1921 by Jacob Frankel, with help from Joffe Marks. It expanded and was listed on Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1925. 

The group comprises four operational divisions, including Grains, consumer Foods, Home Personal and Baby, and the Export and international division.

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by Orji Anyianuka - Saturday, 22 May 2021, 6:19 AM
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The Statement of Financial Position (also called the Balance Sheet) reports, at a point in time, the company’s Assets and the sources of the assets financing, namely Owners Equity and Liability.

The Accounting Equation expresses the relationship among the Assets, Share Holders Equity and Liability as follows: A=L+OE.

As stated, the Statement of Financial Position and the Statement of Profit or Loss. The Owners Equity increases or reduces depending on if a company made a Profit or Loss in a given accounting period.

The Statement of Financial Position shows how geared a company is and depending on the peculiarities of the industry the company lenders and investors will be able to assess the suitability of its gearing situation.

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I recall a research paper I once wrote as part of the requirements to clinch an international tax certification. I was so sure the paper was top notch or a ‘banger’ in informal lingua. After waiting for about four months for the verdict, I received an email regretting to inform me that the research effort was not up to standard. I was advised to consider revising the paper and re-submitting. That I was crushed, is an understatement!

After overcoming the initial denial *laughs,* I revisited the assessor’s comments and found that I could address most of them by simply re-adjusting the title of my research paper to fit ‘perfectly’ with the existing contents. Of course, I had to make a few tweaks to the contents too but the big deal was really in revising my topic. This was not stated as part of the suggestions for improving the contents but to be honest, I was so inundated with several other assignments that I was willing to clutch at straws after bouncing the idea off le hubz to test viability. After all s/he who is already down need fear no fall ‘innit?’

I applied for the topic revision, it was granted, I tweaked the contents and submitted the research paper. It was a ‘banger’ and I obtained the coveted certification.

To prove this theory, I have applied it on other occasions with successful results.

Bottomline – sometimes the solution to that ‘big’ problem is merely a change of approach. The problem itself does not make you an abysmal failure. Rather, it should bring to bear your innovative prowess if you can only rise up from that self-pity!

Cheers to thinking out of the box.



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by Toritsemogha Afinotan - Thursday, 20 May 2021, 3:48 PM
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A company can finance its assets either with equity or debt. Financing through debt involves risk because debt legally obligates the company to pay interest and to repay the principal as promised. 

 Equity financing does not obligate the company to pay anything dividends are paid at the discretion of the board of directors. There is always some risk, which we refer to as business risk, inherent in any operating segment of a business. Financial risk is the extent that debt financing is used relative to equity.

Financial leverage ratios are used to assess how much financial risk the company has taken on. There are two types of financial leverage ratios: component percentages and coverage ratios. 

Component percentages compare a company's debt with either its total capital (debt plus equity) or its equity capital. Coverage ratios reflect a company's ability to satisfy fixed obligations, such as interest, principal repayment, or lease payments.

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The Statement of Profit or Loss reports how a company has performed over a period of time, usually an accounting year. It lists the income items and deducts the costs items to show if the company has made a profit or loss.

The Income Statement Expresses the following equation: P (or L) = R – E

The Statement of Financial Position affects the Statement of Financial Position at the end of a financial year. The Owners Equity increases when a company makes a Profit or reduces if the company made or Loss.

A Proft situation is important because it shows that the company is well managed. It makes it easier for the company to pay back its obligations because profits improve the net cash flow position. A profit situation will also make lenders view them favourably for loans, and investors value the company shares higher.

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Decisions making in group settings are quite different from decision making by an individual. Typically most business decisions will be taken by a group.

Group decisions are fraught with power plays, personal agendas and many of such factors, yet leaders must come up with strategies that will ensure a systematic decision making process.

One of such strategies proposed by Garvin and Roberto, 2001, is to structure a  debate by breaking a decision making body into two. Breaking the group into two subgroups can create an environment in which people feel more comfortable engaging in debate. 

The steps in forming the two subgroups are as follows:

  1. The team is divided into two subgroups. Subgroup A develops a proposal fleshing out the recommendation, the key assumptions, and the critical supporting data. Subgroup A presents the proposal to subgroup B in written and oral forms. 

  2. Group B generates one or more alternative plans for action. The subgroups come together to debate the proposals and seek agreement on a common set of assumptions. Based on those assumptions, the subgroups continue to debate various options and strive to agree to a common set of recommendations.

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