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by Antonia Oguntubi - Saturday, 19 September 2020, 4:57 PM
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Management Communications faculty made us blog, so I dedicate my last blog to MC.

Random things I learnt from MC

3 beacons of communication are

- Simplicity

- Clarity and

- Brevity

For communication to occur, intended meaning must be the same as perceived meaning

Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, analyse and regulate your emotions

Your IQ may get you in but your EQ keeps your in

Stages of Emotional intelligence

- Self Awareness

- Self Management

- Social Awareness

- Relationship management 

Communication is 55% body language, 7% words and 38% Tone

This one struck home…we judge people by their actions and judge ourselves by our intentions.

Good bye!

Picture of David Oyo Ita
by David Oyo Ita - Saturday, 19 September 2020, 12:51 PM
Anyone in the world
Our final MC exams have been submitted and I hopeful that I will do well as in my opinion, i wrote a good essay.

However, I had a scare which rattled me to the bones.

The exam was to last for 2 hours and I had engaged the program manager who strongly advised that we submit on time.

I complied and was done in 1:45 minutes but upon trying to submit and was directed to another page with no related call to action.

Time went by as I repeatedly tried to submit to no avail. 

By this time, it was 9 minutes to go.

I called the Program manager who confirmed that I had viewed the questions on moodle instead of elearn. I was to submit using a link

By the time I was done it was 6 minutes to go.Panic set in.

Anyways, deep breaths and Gods grace saved me today. Finally, I was able to find the link and submit my exam with 3 minutes to go.

All the glory goes to God! Phew!!!  
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by Brenda Obasogie - Saturday, 19 September 2020, 11:17 AM
Anyone in the world

My bizarre search for the Apian way had a fitting ending. After my second futile attempt, I left for the Vatican, and hoped I’d make it to the train station early enough. But that Sunday had a different mind of its own. Nothing seemed to work according to plan, and I got to the station with less than 5 minutes left, I ran to the board, and checked for my train using the last four digits. I found it – or thought I did. I jumped in just in time, and then it began to move. I located my seat – it was taken. I looked at my ticket. No issues. So I sat down somewhere close and then my eye caught the destination flashing in red just above my coach door. I had entered the train heading for Napoli. Milan was my destination. I was frantic. Now I had missed my train. 

I came down with heavy heart at the next stop (fortunately still in Rome), and I weighed my options. Get a cheap ride with a bus, and get to Milan the next day, or pay premium for the next train which had less than 10 minutes to its departure time. The former will mean my colleagues will find out what happened. No. this will be my little secret. I ran to the counter and bought a ticket at 75 euros, and still just managed to catch the train. The right one. For all my troubles, I still don’t have my picture. And so, the Apian way story hasn’t ended. Not just yet. But as for this blog, this is the end. Some weeks were better than some. And I can only hope I did enough. Ciao tutti!

Picture of Johnson Olalekan Idowu
by Johnson Olalekan Idowu - Saturday, 19 September 2020, 9:00 AM
Anyone in the world

When you are a student, writing examinations becomes part and parcel of you. If there is anything students dread more in their lives , it's exams. When the time to write  exams is close by, students' visits to health centers become more frequent than ever before ; volume of patient handling , around this time, becomes increased for both doctors and nurses. Even before the exam is actually written, students will have invented 101 excuses in their minds ready for their parents or guardians, should they perform poorly in the results. You often hear: "they gave me an F," never ," I got an F. " Or " my teacher failed me , "  never , "  I failed  the exam ." However, the story is different , when students are successful. Around this time, you won't hear : " They gave me an A ,"  or , " my teacher gave me first position, " as it would have been, had it been the other way round. They strut about the neighborhood with reckless abandon or take to alcohol till stupor just to show  how happy they are about their success. Why are exams  so much dreaded ? Well, the real answer may never be known.

                    Who invented exams?

The West are quick  to point out  that it was Henry this or Henry that invented exams, as they are hurried to tell us that it was Mongo Park that discovered River Niger even though people had been living along the River even before Park's Dad and Grannies were born . funny enough, the very day Park supposedly died on his mission of discovery, it was the villagers along the bank of the river that helped locate his body. As a matter of fact , the whites are not anywhere close to the people who invented exams. Nothing can be farther from the Truth. The origin of exams began in China , at a time , when the Europeans and Americans were still competing with apes for caves for shelters.

Picture of Opeoluwa Ashiru
by Opeoluwa Ashiru - Saturday, 19 September 2020, 4:29 AM
Anyone in the world

I've got two exams today so I will keep it short and simple, so here it goes:

1. Anybody can be good at any thing, even writing 

2. Just like any thing else, practice makes perfect. The more you write the better you get at it

Thank you.

Picture of Ahmed Husaini
by Ahmed Husaini - Saturday, 19 September 2020, 12:25 AM
Anyone in the world

Dear Management Communication,

It has been over 7 months since we were first introduced to each other as part of our MMBA1 courses at the Lagos Business School. Since then, our relationship has had its fare share of challenges. However, for the most part, I can confidently say our relationship has been an excellent one, marked by mutual affection and admiration.

I know I have my shortcomings as Minister Eugene recommended that we should go out on a date (blog) three times every week. Considering my very busy schedule, I find that difficult to keep. Not only that, I regret to confess my infidelity to you. Oftentimes, I have had other relationships with ABP, DA, CFA, and lately CMA and OPM. I believe you already knew that because academic polygamy is allowed in LBS.

That not withstanding, I have always given my best to you. I was always there for you during lectures as my class participation will speak for me. I blogged about everything whenever I can, from public affairs to business, religion to football, politics to economics, strategy to foreign affairs. In all that, I have also closely followed expert advice on how to take good care of you. From Eugene's exhortations to Atinuke's sermons. If I have ever been found wanting, it is not for lack of trying.

Now few hours to your exams, I felt that I should write this letter to express what you mean to me, how your memories are etched in my heart, but I'm NOT going to miss you. To be frank, it is relieving to let go off your responsibility. As Shakespeare would say: 'parting is such a sweet sorrow.'

I sincerely hope you think the same about me as I do about you. And I hope you will reward my affection, hard-work and loyalty with an 'A' grade on the score sheet. There will be no better proof of your love and loyalty than this. 

Lastly, do not miss me. For I will stay true to your memories, whether in spoken or written communications, whether in preparing reports, proposals, letters, resumes or even speeches, and whether in communicating during crisis or to people of different cultures, I will always remember your love for clarity, brevity and logic. I will hold on to those attributes to the best of my abilities, fully knowing that in the end, it is not what I say that matters, but the meaning it conveys.

Yours truly,

Ahmed Husaini

Forever and always!

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by Oluwasegun Babaleye - Friday, 18 September 2020, 11:50 PM
Anyone in the world

I will be sharing a business ethics case we had earlier in the semester on the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal and how I would manage the situation if I was in their shoes. I will start by talking about why I believe customers are key stakeholders to businesses.

Why are Customers, key stakeholders?

Customers are the foundation of any successful business and too much emphasis cannot be placed on their importance to the success of such a business. Primarily, the goal is to meet the needs of your customer and to ensure that the customer’s loyalty is earned by providing valuable service because in the long-term goal of your business, customer retention and loyal is key, and this Is what guarantees repeat business for you. It is therefore important to ensure that we deal with our customers truthfully and respectfully. In the case of the Volkswagen emissions scandal, this was not the case, Volkswagen did not respect their customers and also did not respect the fact that they needed to be honest with them. I will briefly shed some light on the Volkswagen emissions scandal below;

The Volkswagen Scandal

In the 1990s the diesel engines in passenger cars were beginning to be on the rise, and this was boosted the signing of the Kyoto protocol in 1997. The protocol was to set targets for the reduction of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide in engines. Volkswagen eyed the US market as part of its expansion plans to become the leading vehicle manufacturer in the world, and this led to the dependence on diesel engines in achieving this mean feat. In a bid to build fuel-efficient vehicles while minimizing the emission of dangerous gases, Volkswagen cut corners by installing a device that would cheat emissions tests and make it look like the vehicles passed emissions test, while they had emissions level that was higher. The deception was caught by a non-profit organization called the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) who had done a study on emission levels of vehicles across some manufacturers.

Scandal Aftermath:

Several consequences occurred as a result of the deception by Volkswagen, these will be listed below

1.       Vehicle recalls – About 500,000 vehicles that were fitted with the cheat device were to either be bought or fixed by Volkswagen

2.       The company set aside bout 7 billion dollars for the payment of fines and the recalls

3.       This also led to a high-profile resignation of two CEO’s

4.       There was also a fall in the share price of Volkswagen. It dropped about 30%

The Steps Volkswagen should have taken

Volkswagen had taken an unethical route by not being truthful to their customers when they were taking their business decisions. The pillars of agreement between a business and its customers are truthfulness and commitment, and this was violated by the business decisions that Volkswagen took. Volkswagen should have gone with one of the 2 ethical decisions which they had then in the manufacturing of vehicles with low emissions. The two decisions are highlighted below

1.       The use of selective catalytic reduction

2.       Lean NOx Trap

While the two options listed above would lead to either increase in the price of vehicles or poor fuel efficiency and economy, Volkswagen would have gone with either option, while truthfully informing their customers of the changes to their vehicles. That way they would have gradually built up loyal customers and avoid all the scandals that the company went through.

How to Remedy the Situation

To remedy the situation with the scandal, I believe that Volkswagen should take the following steps

1.       Take ownership of the situation and stop denying knowledge of what has happened

2.       Tender a public apology to all their customers and regulators offering to help out as much as possible during the period.

3.       Lay-off key people who had taken such decisions that put the company in a bad light.

4.       I would also advise that they create legislation or policies that would guard against such future occurrences.

5.       They should also support non-profit organizations working towards less air pollution. With this, they can show their support towards a clean environment.

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by David Oyo Ita - Friday, 18 September 2020, 11:27 PM
Anyone in the world

I have often heard people say that they are waiting for the "right time" to take action. The right time to start a business, the right time to go back to school, the right time to start a new chapter of their lives; and I have always wondered how exactly they would know when the time is absolutely right!

Life is a journey and everyday we take a step on that journey through our actions and sometimes inaction. Waiting for the right time is sometimes a mask for our doubts.

I am of the opinion that certain decisions require a leap of faith and instead of waiting for the right time we should make a solid plan and act! Take the time and make it right! 

Carpe Diem!

Picture of Antonia Oguntubi
by Antonia Oguntubi - Friday, 18 September 2020, 11:23 PM
Anyone in the world

Linear Programming is a mathematical technique to allocate limited resources in a programmed manner.

Assumptions in LP

-          Resources are Limited

-          Objective function is optimized i.e. profit maximization, cost minimization

-          The relationship between objective function and constraints is linear

-          Availability of Data

-          There are non-negativity constraints

For LP it is always important to write the formula, analyze and inteprete.

Thank you
by PASCHAL ODINDE - Friday, 18 September 2020, 10:47 PM
Anyone in the world

Michael Jackson, the black American pop superstar, in one of his award-winning songs sang:

“Heal the world,

Make it a better place,

For you and for me

And the entire human race

There are people dying,

If you care enough for the living

Make it a better place

For you and for me’’

No time in the world has this song been more appropriate, and the inspiration therein needed, than now the entire world is experiencing serious crisis, especially the one occasioned by the present Covid19 pandemic.

Recall that on March 11, 2020, we received with rude shock, the declaration of Covid19, as a global pandemic, by 'The World Health Organization (WHO)'. This was after all intense efforts to subdue the novel corona virus that invaded the city of Wuhan in China failed. The progressive spreading of the disease to many other nations has bruised and left the world system shambolic

In the bid to curtail the spread of the deadly virus, many nations have been compelled to impose a partial or total lockdown on all human activities. Religious activities, businesses, schools, and even the entertainment industries have been significantly affected. The worst of it all is that thousands of lives have been lost. In all these, man has been the loser.

 Apart from this pandemic, humanity is also richly bedevilled with so many other forms of calamities, occasioned by natural disasters, economic crunches, environmental changes, socio-cultural and even spiritual challenges. All these have put more sadness on the faces of men. Man is indeed in need of help than ever.

 The struggle to find solutions to these numerous unpalatable challenges has kept leaders of governments, and various humanitarian organizations and institutions under intense pressure. The world is seeking solutions from all angles. In circumstances where solutions are not handy yet, the people need hope, and providing succour and hope to a sinking world is not a mean feat.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize that they have a role to play in finding solutions to the problems bedevilling humanity, or that at least, they can help ignite rays of hope in the less privileged of our society. A lot of us erroneously think and out-rightly look unto the government to provide answers to all odd situations.

 Do I have anything to offer the world? Can I touch humanity? Can I become a blessing to others? Are there people I am better than? Will the world miss me if I live quietly and leave this planet without making an impact? These are one million dollars questions.

I recently published a  book titled, "The World Needs You''  which provides answers to all these questions. It opens our eyes to how important each of us is to our world. It brings to our consciousness; how incomplete the world will be without us. It teaches that we can help heal the world. We can make it a better place for everyone to be happy, by contributing our quota with the human and material resources at our disposal.

 It is not by mistake that you are on earth at this particular time, born into a particular family and city, and endowed with unique potentials and grace. You are ‘rich’, you are ‘strong’ and you are ‘powerful’ enough to impact this generation and cause ripple effects. God trusts your ability; hence He gave you as a gift to the world at this material time.

 To become instruments of hope and agents of solutions, there has to be a total 'Mindshift' - from a 'Taker' Mentality' to a 'Giver’ Mentality.' Takers are 'self-focused' and put their own interests ahead of others' needs. They try to gain as much as possible from their interactions while contributing as little as they can in return. Givers are 'others-focused' and tend to provide support to others with no strings attached. They ask themselves, “How can I add value for this person? What can I contribute?” You can't read this book without experiencing a 'mind-shift' and a provocation to be a blessing to the people around you.

 The book is replete with so many examples of people who became heroes by touching the lives of the people around them. It teaches that through the principles of Contribution, Charity and Attention, we can make the world a better place. You can write your name in the pages of history and die fulfilled. The time to act is now.

Feel free to download my book, read and share with friends. I look forward to hearing your feedback.


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