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by Chiamaka Ibeh - Sunday, 27 September 2020, 7:39 AM
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On Becoming a Better Girlfriend

...thanks to ABP 😊

Friday, 25 September 2020

3:35 pm:

We were in the middle of a negotiation for a laptop swap that was about to go awry. I was in my room, working on my NHB assignments that were due for submission at 5 pm. He was in his house and had sent the driver to stand in for us at the meeting point since neither of us could be present.

I had asked him to do the negotiation on my behalf as he had the skill to turn a ₦3.6 Million per annum contract to a ₦300,000 per annum one *no jokes*.

4:16 pm:

Babe: Why didn't you tell him that your laptop had a dent on the screen and a scrolling problem?!

Me: Haba! I did. I sent him a picture of the screen and a video to show the scrolling problem. Why would he then deny? These computer village people sef!

Babe: He's saying that because of the issues with the laptop, he'll value the laptop at ₦35,000. He says that he would have to replace the screen, fix the keyboard, and then replace the battery to be able to resell it.

Me: @#&!?%

Me: My laptop?! The first ever laptop I bought with my hard earned NYSC money? Beats by Dre customised? Clean body work, 15 inches of glorious beauty? Super graphic capabilities? My one of a kind HP Pavilion 15??????? Is he mad??????????

Babe: Sigh! I'll talk to him. I'll call you back shortly.

Me: Okay. Do your thing or ask them to return my laptop jeje.

4:33 pm:

I call Babe 5 times and he doesn't pick up. I leave him messages on whatsapp and he doesn't respond.

The first thought that comes to my mind, "What sort of rubbish is this? In the middle of this negotiation? I have an assignment to submit at 5 pm. He's leaving me in the dark. If it was his own matter, I wouldn't act like this knowing that he would be anxious to know what's going on."

Then I remembered Dr Yetunde Anibaba talking about how our brain makes first assumptions in situations that are most times wrong. Like when you say that 1000, then 50, then 1000, then 40, then 1000, then 30, then 1000, then 20, then 1000, then 10 added together is 5000 at first glance whereas the answer is actually 4100.

My first assumption was that Babe was ignoring me in this dire situation. I felt like he had abandoned me in my anxiety. If he had returned my calls at that time, I would have spilled some venom and ruined Friday night for the both of us.

Remembering my ABP lessons, I started thinking about my thinking while thinking so that I could think clearly and critically. What if he had been in the rest room as at the time I called? Or on another business call? What if he was actually talking to the seller at that time? What if? What if? What if?

Thankfully, I questioned my thinking and the next call I received from Babe was that the deal had been concluded and the new laptop had been paid for. I felt good knowing that I didn't act on my first assumption and Friday night turned out beautifully! 😊

I hope to make questioning my assumptions a habit. You should too! It could save you a memorable Friday night 😉

What were your lessons from your first ABP class? I look forward to reading them in the comments section!


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by Emmanuel Akubueze - Sunday, 27 September 2020, 12:41 AM
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I have always been expressive of myself, both in writing and speaking, but blogging never came to mind until my first day of Business Communication. When Eugene mentioned that blogging would be a huge part of our journey at LBS, I rolled my eyes so hard, I saw my whole cranium. I mean, I am here to be a business manager, not the anonymous person behind instablog9ja – I said to myself while kissing my teeth. When Eugene went further to say we would blog 3 times a week, I mentally broke a bottle of Heineken on his head because what in the entire ‘shithousery’ was he even talking about. Ironically, I enjoyed the class so much, that I couldn’t wait to get to blogging, I even mentally stitched the injury I caused after breaking the bottle.

Now seated in front of my computer, my mind wandered extensively trying to garner as much information as possible for my first ever blog post. I thought about different topics to write on and different ways to put them together and it was quite an exciting experience for me. Look at me, grinning from ear to ear about different things I could write about on my blog. It was more exhilarating because I came to LBS to get exposed to concepts that have eluded me, and here I am, totally itching to write my first blog post, a flipping blog post. Also exciting for me is, I get to read the blog posts of my colleagues, an opportunity to go inside their minds and just go ‘wow, wow, wow’ like a siren. Lord knows I can get used to this.

So here is to blogging for a while, sharing my thoughts and feasting on the thoughts of others. Thank you, Eugene, for this opportunity to express myself and get better at writing.

Yours Blogfully,


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by yvonne ukoha-ajike - Sunday, 27 September 2020, 12:38 AM
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This month, my journey as an MBA 19 candidate at Lagos Business School began. So far it's been a quite a ride. Just like every journey, I expect to encounter bumps and I cannot say I am ready for these bumps but they will be part of the experience.

On this journey, I also expect to make fantastic discoveries about myself and about this path I will tread. I intend to push my boundaries, discover potentials I wasn't aware I possessed and most importantly, become the kind of leader I've always dreamed of becoming.

So far, I've been challenged to improve my critical reasoning skills, work on my EQ (Emotional Intelligence), to start speaking up more frequently instead of being the passive observer I've always been and to understand that being an ethical professional is a must.

As a rite of passage, I am obligated to write blog posts weekly. Would I have preferred not to? Absolutely yes! But as I started to pen this down, I believe this exercise will be therapeutic for me. It will be an avenue to share the thoughts and lessons learned in the course of the week. It will be my little haven where I can pour out the ruminations of my mind without reservations and as honestly as possible. I also hope this activity will help me track how far I've come after these 18 months have been completed. I hope to look back and acknowledge my growth and the woman I'd have become.

Cheers to the next 18 months. Cheers to the growth. Cheers to those bumps.

Till my next post.

by IFEOLUWA ALOMOGE - Saturday, 26 September 2020, 11:45 PM
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The uniqueness of character in human has always been a fascinating thing for me to study.
The reasons why humans display different character under different circumstances and  react to different situations are based on so many factors such as past experiences, cultural factors ,environmental factors , social factors etc.
It is well known that people attribute certain characters or traits to people of a particular tribe or community. For example, people from ekiti state are said to be stubborn , people from a particular set of place from the west are said to be wicked, people from a particular place are said to be stingy. In as much as sometimes it is sentimental to generalize but this generalization isn't too far away from the reality.

But this is only possible because they have had to commune together in that same place over a lot of time. So if an individual is given birth to and immediately migrates somewhere else, while growing up he/she begins to pick up traits and characters from that present habitat.
I personally believe that the uniqueness of character based on generalization by habitat should be more explored.

by TEMITOPE FATOBA - Saturday, 26 September 2020, 9:35 PM
Anyone in the world

I had a few misconceptions on HIV until I did my internship at an ART (Anti-retroviral Therapy) center for the management of people living with HIV. 

A person infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), if not diagnosed and managed early can progress to the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). HIV was first discovered in Nigeria in 1985. There are two strains which are HIV 1 and HIV 2. 

Over the years, it has infected and killed millions of people around the world. It was considered a killer disease ; for individuals who tested HIV positive, it was as good as a death sentence. With scientific breakthroughs on how to manage the disease, people infected with HIV can live normal, healthy and productive lives through early diagnosis, adherence to drugs and lifestyle modification.

The virus is transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse, injuries arising from cuts of unsterilized needles, blades/clipper blades at salons, blood transfusion from infected blood or by any other form of contact with the body fluids of an infected person. Unprotected sexual intercourse accounts for majority of HIV cases.

An individual who tests positive for HIV is counselled by a trained HIV counselor and clinician. The patient undergoes other tests such as the CD4 viral load test, blood chemistries, full blood count, hepatitis, syphilis and tuberculosis (these tests are carried out periodically because they are susceptible to opportunistic infections).

The virus destroys the T-cells of the immune system in the body that helps to fight diseases. Early detection is very important in preventing progression to AIDS characterized by a breakdown in the immune system and opportunistic infections/diseases leading to complications and death.

Immediately the individual is diagnosed with the virus, he/she is placed on anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) with the viral load monitored continually over a period (viral load is the concentration of the virus in the blood; the higher the viral load the more dangerous it is for the patient). 

There is a window period of about three months whereby HIV antibodies are undetectable in the body fluids of a newly infected person. From counselling individuals (who have engaged in any risky behaviour such as unprotected sexual intercourse, use of unsterilized instruments etc.)  are advised to repeat the test within three to six months after the first test which gave a negative result. 

The treatment and management of people living with HIV has evolved over the years. A lot of research has gone into this and even though there is no known cure or vaccine yet, people living with HIV can live long, fruitful and fulfilling lives. They marry and procreate even when the couple is sero-discordant (one spouse is negative while the other is positive) or even when both spouses are positive because of advancement in science; as long the viral load of the positive person is monitored and if consistently very low it minimizes the risk of transmission during sexual intercourse. Through the prevention of mother to child transmission therapy (PMTCT), HIV positive women can give birth to HIV negative babies. 

People living with HIV should not be discriminated against, stigmatization kills faster than the disease. We cannot get infected by holding their hands, hugging them, sharing cutlery, toilet etc. 

Magic Johnson the former American basketballer has been living with this disease since 1991 and is still as healthy as ever. 

HIV is a condition that is easily managed once diagnosed early. Do not discriminate or stigmatize persons living with HIV.

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by Raheena Adeleke - Saturday, 26 September 2020, 8:45 PM
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I am an event planner! I say this very proudly because I know that I was born for this line of work, I am very grateful that I found my passion early in life. As an event planner, I plan, execute and coordinate social and corporate events. I work with clients to identify their needs and also ensure they are satisfied. I facilitate details such as décor, catering, logistics and location.

My job is to bring joy and happiness to people, it is also to ensure that their vision is brought to a reality. I promote socialization and ensure satisfaction of all guests at the event and not just the client. As an event planner, it is essential to have certain skills that can come naturally and can be learnt. Some of these internal goods that I have developed over time include: Great interpersonal skills, flexibility, keen eye for detail, organizational skills, high energy level, good time management skills and excellent leadership skills. I am still working on communicating effectively and efficiently. In order to achieve these goods, I have had to be courageous, disciplined, self-aware and open to learning. External goods I would need are good clients, money and a great vendors list. Working in itself makes me happy, working in line with my passion feels less like work and is extremely fulfilling. Towards the end of every event I plan, I step to the back of the location and look at everything happening, my heart beats with pride and I give a sigh of relief and fulfilment.

I understand that ethics is personal and not subjective. It is something we have to attain as humans but it is not dependent on our thought process or experiences. What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. Being in the event industry, I have witnessed many planners take a “commission” from each vendor they work with on an event, even after they are paid a fee. Their excuse is after all, they gave the vendor a job/money making opportunity, therefore they have the right to get a cut. It is ethically wrong no matter how they try to give excuses, it just shows a complete lack of integrity.

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Grades are the most common example of an external or extrinsic motivation through which we can leverage increased participatory interest. Motivation uplifts student's enthusiasm about the activities presented to them. 

Ian Wigfield, a professor of (Procedia School of Social & Behavioral Sciences) would argue that grades are important extrinsic motivators to students participating in extra-contingent academic activities.

If I could curate Wigfield’s strings of thought, I would be tempted to commit my remaining energy ("after the LBS intensive week") to evaluate the frequency of “blogging activities” by co-students before, during, and after the Mgt Comm’s exams.

A student's desire (as reflected in the frequency of activity, approach, persistence, and level of interest) regarding extra-academic activities could be measured from the graded outcome of his past effort or associated efforts. (DiPerna & Elliott, 1999; McClelland, 1961; Wigfield & Eccles, 2002).

If I interpreted that well, (it means a positive grade in management communication course could be a major extrinsic motivator to “continue, increase or discontinue” blogging on

Fast forward into the future, I could see me blogging more frequently!

Paul Adeleke

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by Faith Muwar Mpara - Saturday, 26 September 2020, 4:48 PM
Anyone in the world

Introduction and background

Okay, reader, I wish I knew what your experience will be by the end of this piece, but I don’t. Like Dan Hill said, “I’d rather hurt you honestly than deceive you with a lie.” So some things to note before we proceed.

  • This is my first blog post.
  • I am scared and worried.
  • I have no idea how to plan this.
  • Lagos Business School(LBS) and precisely Eugene brought this on us. So, if it gets hard, you know who to hold responsible.

But you will ask, shouldn’t I be happy to write? As an aspiring business leader, how do I plan to cope if I have so much fear for writing? I am as baffled as you and I wish I had answers. But guess what, I don’t. And sadly, the promises do not seem to be enough to get me to act. Or let’s just say making this an assignment has forced me to work. I will not leave you in the dark, there are three things that got me to sit on a beautiful Saturday and put together this …. I don’t know what to call it. It is meant to be a blog post.

 Why am I writing a blog post?

Primarily, I have been compelled by Eugene Ohu to write a blog post. I will be assessed for respecting this instruction and for sticking to a schedule.

Being a great business writer is part of my MBA goal. I want to get the most of the program, and I sincerely hope that this is the final push to overcome this fear.

Finally, I promised myself on the 1st of January, that if I got to write my first blog post this year, I will get myself a full chicken and cook Khati-khati. Maybe this is the opportunity to finally earn the treat.

What are my fears as I write this first blog post?

It should be obvious already that I am scared of writing. The fear practically paralyses me and no matter how much I think about it, I never really get to start. I gave myself a treat for coming up with the title of a blog post in May 2020. But that was how far I could go.

I don’t think that the final writing will be worth anyone’s time. I fear to leave digital evidence of shame and a perfect example of a bad blog post. So, before I start, I know that what I will get at the end will not be good enough. Do you ever get yourself to do stuff when you are this certain of the end result? I am happy for you if this is the case. I have never been able to get over it.

What are my expectations for future blog posts?

With all that is going on, I am very hopeful. Since LBS and Eugene have conspired to squeeze three articles out of me every week, this is what I think will happen.

a) The quality of my writing will improve.

b) I will learn to write faster.

c) My thoughts will be clearer.

d) I will fall in love with writing.

e) I will forget that I had this terrible fear for writing (I hope this is not too ambitious.).

What would I do if I did not fear blogging so much?

One thing that annoys me about this fear is that I actually have a lot to say and to write. You will not believe the number of things that I will write about if I was purged of this fear. These are just some of the topics that I will blog about if only I was not gripped with this fright.

a) My weekly experience at LBS

b) The ICT4KIDS( program

c) The dairy of the accidental deputy parent

d) Customer service from hell and how to fix it

e) How negotiation enticed me

f) How I lost common sense

g) The future of business and ICT consulting (this is a long-term plan, no check am)


Now that I’m too scared to write, is this the first and last blog? Will I get an exception? Will my fears win? Will I harness the power of "yet"( Will I damn the consequence and retire to my shell?

I am as expectant as you and I wish I could predict tomorrow with absolute certainty. But for today, we have fulfilled righteousness. We have earned the free conscience to sleep peacefully and sing hosanna during the worship service tomorrow. Let’s call it a day… more like a week. See you soon.

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by Hujjatullah Suenu - Saturday, 26 September 2020, 1:34 PM
Anyone in the world

It is important to put into consideration core aspects of ethical values in our daily affairs. This usually has direct effect on us in our various organizations, and businesses we run. It is generally agreed upon that the principles of ethics are autonomy, beneficence, promise-keeping, truth-telling and non-maleficence.

This write-up will only be focusing on ethics that should come into place when advertising your product for your organization or as an entrepreneur. This, among the seven principles I have listed above falls under “truth-telling”. Staying clear of deceit while marketing your product is a good form of practice, and an excellent indication to the moral value you possess. The unwarranted move of not being truthful enough have negative consequences, aside that it works against personal integrity and also business ethics in general.

I will be making some more clarity on few things that occur separately that evolve around deceit while advertising product. This I believe should be useful to those who probably might not have the sharp awareness on this mischievous style and ways from people marketing their product to them.

Firstly, “False Statement”. This can also be related to the “bait and switch” tactic. The action of advertising a product with the intent of selling inferior goods. This action is illegal in most countries, as sellers must sell exactly the product they have advertised. A scenario whereby you have purchased let’s say an advertised car for instance, on getting the delivery of that car purchased, you got to see some very obvious faults in it, then, you have fallen prey to a bait and switch. A close example to us as Nigerians is the numerous purchase people make online, you will come across attractive pictures of goods advertised for purchase by the seller, yet you will get something inferior or worse when delivered.

Secondly, “Misleading Statement”. Any statement representing a product should be accurate. Misleading statements on the prices and qualities of products. This is also illegal that attracts penalties in sane countries across the world. An example of this, as I have learnt in one of my business ethics sessions, is about an ad which promoted a certain bread as being less fattening than ordinary bread because it had fewer calories per slice, as the reason why this was so was that the bread was divided into thinner slices, and in any case the difference in calories was minimal, the American Federal Trade Commission eventually ordered that the ad be stopped. I go on and on with numerous examples on this.

Thirdly, “Selective Emphasis”. The duty to disclose shortcomings of a product is very important while marketing it. The buyer has right to the knowledge of what he is about bargaining for. While trying to persuade a buyer, it is ethical to make sure a buyer is aware of the positives and negatives of the products. It should be up to him to go ahead purchasing the good or otherwise. Selective emphasis in health cases is very dangerous, that it can lead to chronic health issues or even death. Cases whereby pharmaceutical companies advertise and sell drugs without making the side effects known. It’s very unethical and sad.

Fourthly, “Manipulation of desires”. This is one common strategy of advertising that consist in stimulating some powerful basic urge. Sometimes it comes in form of sexual drive, trying to create a connection in the potential customers’ mind between the product and the satisfaction of their urge, dominating them with that. In some other cases whereby a potential buyer is not too sure of purchasing a particular product, the sales man or lady gives recommendation that sounds very accurate just to lure you to buy the good. This also is unethical, and people have fallen prey to it.

This shameful, dishonorable conduct on the mischievous style and ways from people marketing their product is not limited to these four I have mentioned, as that is only what has pop into to my mind for now. The main goal here is to give some awareness to potential buyers of goods, and as well advice sellers who strive by playing on people’s intelligence to desist from doing so. Thanks for reading!

Hujjatullah Olawale Suenu.






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by James Evbuomwan - Saturday, 26 September 2020, 12:01 PM
Anyone in the world

I once had some amount of money in a savings account that generated 250 Naira monthly interest. I soon realized that I wasn't happy with the returns.

Take a look at this. Averagely , a savings account typically earns an annual interest of 1.25%, while the economy's inflation rate is approximately 12.8%. 

Suffice it to say, you're paying the bank to hold your money .

Money is kept for 3 reasons which are precautionary,  speculative and transactional. I suggest that savings account should be used for money needed for transactional purposes.

Money not needed for transactional purposes should go into an investment fund.