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by MARY ADAMU - Sunday, 8 December 2019, 11:00 PM
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Walking down the path that leads to the gate from the Lagos Business School with Iheoma, I noticed our school night tenants flocking in from their daily escapades. I asked Iheoma, "How do these birds do it?" And she replied with 'It's amazing, the way they know when to and how to go home." As we walked towards the gate we looked up and took in the synergy of their flight home, how they kept calling to one another, finding their nests and chirping greetings to one another (I think that was what they were doing). 

These birds hardly bump into each other, they respect each other's private space and fly better when in flight together. This is what teamwork should be like, some companies now try to adopt some sort of synergy outlook these days to help employees work more efficiently. 

I love observing the colorful birds of LBS (at least when they are not pooping on me while I am walking under the trees). We are in school during the day and they are the occupants at night. This just shows how an habitat can be efficiently occupied without one species disturbing the other.

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by Bukola Ayeni - Sunday, 8 December 2019, 4:56 PM
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I quietly observed an interesting scene recently.

We were on a long queue and a guy was speaking to a girl. They were ahead of me. I noticed that speaking to the girl made the guy feel really good. His smile was broader, voice was louder, his gesticulations were extraordinary, he was obviously "superexcited". If he were a LED board he will have "ohmy! I love this moment" displayed.

There was another guy making a call, away from all of us on the queue. I did not notice him quickly but he must have been very uncomfortable with the scene I was having pleasure observing. He probably has a thing for the girl too and just thought to act quickly.

Guess what he did...

He slid between the excited guy and the girl and continued with his call. hahaha. The excited guy tried to say something to him but thought to allow him end the call he was making- or was it pretense? Dunno. I don't think the call ended early enough.

Savage right?

The guy just thought to quickly burst the bubble that the excited guy was beginning to  nurture before it went too far. lol

The girl obviously did not know what happened. #sigh

Should I tell her? LOL.

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by Shuaib Olawoyin - Saturday, 7 December 2019, 11:43 PM
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Looking back into the few years I have spent and what the country was and what it is, I worry if I will get to see the Nigeria of our dream.

A country where there will be a window for prosperity for all irrespective of your location, your tribe, religion, political affiliation and connections. 

A country that will guarantee the safety and security of everyone in it and that of tourists. 

A country that will have an objective to ensure that everyone has access to everything irrespective of their tribe, religion, location or political affiliation.

A country that will reward hard work, innovation and intellectual ingenuity.

A country that will be equipped with world-class infrastructures and amenities that will guarantee a good life.

A country that will have functional public offices that will be open, transparent and objective in dealing with everyone irrespective of who they are.

A country that will make it possible for a kid from the most remote location to have access to effective education that will guarantee learning and human development.

A country that will be seen as a world-class location that will set a benchmark for what a successful country should be and what a successful country should be doing.

A country I can call my home and my heritage.

And that is what I want my dream NIGERIA to be.


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by Shuaib Olawoyin - Saturday, 7 December 2019, 11:21 PM
Anyone in the world
Growing up till this time, I am always surprised at the way dreams keep changing because of ambitions, situations and exposure.
I could remember vividly after university education that the prayer was then to get a job of 100,000 naira and BOOM, the job came. Guess what? the money became worthless after 4 months. 
Then the questions came that I think I do not have answers to up till today. What exactly do I want from life? What do I always dream about? What is the end goal?  
All the questions raised above could not be answered however, I have come to realise that the biggest dream is striving for excellence and greatness and never get too comfortable.
Whatever the above means should always reflect in how you treat people, in what you do, how you handle life situations and how you handle success.
I think I will keep dreaming and continue to check and achieve the dreams one after the other.
Like they will always say, the sun will shine again and we will try again.
Picture of MARY ADAMU
by MARY ADAMU - Saturday, 7 December 2019, 10:24 PM
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Yoghurt, butter, cheese, butterscotch, shortbread, full cream powdered, evaporated, condensed... just name it. My love for milk is well known. 

Oh you thought I was going to talk about our galaxy? Sorry but milk is part of my own galaxy. My mother’s solution to most of my medical conditions including anaemia while growing up was milk and it worked for me.  So till date I am a milk lover.

I’ve been told I take milk in excess, but has milk ever really killed anyone that is lactose tolerant? Just like a lactobacillus, you should keep me far from your can of milk if you don’t want any change to occur to your milk.  But while a lactobacillus will convert your can of full cream milk to yoghurt, I will totally finish off your milk. The good thing is I am well behaved so I hardly touch milk that I didn’t pay for because I know my capability.

Yes I always add a lot of milk to my coffee; if you come across me in the cafeteria, you will notice that I use milk as water for my coffee rather than the hot water provided. I drink yoghurt like water and some of my colleagues have noticed this already. Wait till you see me finish a pack of shortbread at a go!

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by Shuaib Olawoyin - Saturday, 7 December 2019, 1:55 PM
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Chuks Emenalo is a faculty that probes and question perspectives to why you are taking a certain position in his class sessions. 
When you have a financial statements, what do you do with it, what do you look out for, how can you understand the business by mere looking at the financial statements, how do you use that to make a reasonable and evident based analysis and ultimately take a decision with all the analysis are some of the questions that we hope the knowledge of financial management will help us to answer as we proceed into the course.
Since we started sessions in financial management and riding on what we did in financial accounting, he has introduced a new dimension to how to view financial statements and the spots to check to see if the company is doing well or not.
The knowledge from financial management will also assist in making decisions like investing in the business, accessing credit as a business, valuation of the business and what the business needs to do to achieve more.
I am enjoying his sessions and I hope to maximise the opportunity to improve my skillset in financial management and decision making.
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by Adedeji Adeleye - Friday, 6 December 2019, 8:14 AM
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Struggle, when its for leadership can be a powerful play. Should there be a contest to lead? Vying for a role can have significant consequences. Not choosing to occupy such a role and standing on the sidelines will not be seen as being unrepresented.  It is by choosing to stand for group of people; to spearhead a mission or implement an idea that one can really become burdened with the responsibility.  The role of  leadership is sacred. So! one can imagine that only intent and mindful individuals choose to occupy such a role;  to fight in the ideological sense to lead.  


When i have a chat with them.

I shall ask: Why do you want to be the ABC President?

Are you aware it will interfere with your present schedule?

When did you decide to compete for office of the President?

What is really your aim here? Are you aware of the legacy is at stake?

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Picture of MARY ADAMU
by MARY ADAMU - Thursday, 5 December 2019, 7:49 PM
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So first semester Part B started immediately after our exams and though we were weary, we were excited that new courses were going to be introduced to us. One of these interesting courses is Introduction to Marketing. To usher us into the session properly, our facilitator Dr Uchenna Uzo gave us two presentations as group tasks in the first class to present to the respective company representatives whose products we were working on. We were to complete the slides within 2 to 3 days and submit before the classes.

The first presentation was on the path to purchase of beer buyers, we were expected to focus on the key consumption channels (Group 1 – Mainstream On Premise, Group 2–Local on Premise, Group 3- Off Premise, Group 4- New Channel).  The second presentation was on consumer segmentation for Colgate; we were asked to create a consumer segment in Northern Nigeria and possibly create a new brand for the segment. Anyways, we not only scaled through but each group did a fantastic work on their presentation slides and the presentations were superb to the extent that the company representatives of Budweiser and Colgate had mostly accolades for us. We were worn out and hearing those comments from third parties made us feel good! 

I can boldly say our presentation skills have improved tremendously and though I did not present, I was so proud of my classmates that presented. So thumbs up to MBA18, we have come a long way and there are still more challenges to win. We have got this!

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Picture of Ifeoma Ikebudu
by Ifeoma Ikebudu - Thursday, 5 December 2019, 8:33 AM
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There are a lot of man-hours wasted in Nigeria. I feel like, whosoever can feed off the wasted man-hours in Nigeria and add them to his mortality somewhat is going to live very long. If there was a time-eater, I am quite sure that Lagos especially would be its favourite place to be in. Because when cars standstill and fumes choke the air, time is wasted and a lot of time can be ed upon.

There are few things crazier than the bad roads in Nigeria.

Did you think the traffic was caused by lack of proper city planning?


Did you think the traffic is caused by terrible linkages between areas? Sure

All the reasons why traffic is terrible are valid but none is as valid as the sate of the roads that the cars are forced to drive on. As a Nigerian, a stretch of smooth road is actually very alien to us. Like, there is no road that you drive on, that after about ten minutes, you do not encounter some sort of pothole or a destroyed portion. 

Even in the busiest places where these slight cuts in the joyousness of smooth asphalt will cause massive disturbances in the flow of traffic, there are potholes, simply because, no one cares, at all, abut how people are doing. The lack of care is mad. 

Understandably (or not understand because I am just trying to be very lenient about things here) a hospital can be left uncared for because no one ever goes here. I heard that prisons in Norway were getting closed up because they were becoming too expensive to operate. No one ever needed to go to prison. Community service was okay to straighten whatever their criminals did (the crimes were really minor anyway). However, for a facility such as roads, that people use every day, lack of maintenance is just disgraceful.

Millions of people literally use the road every day. Is it not enough reason to fix these roads? Is the quicker movement of good and services not good enough to at least salve some of the inner city roads? Ojota Bus Stop is a mess. Opebi Road is like the nad rash. Not to mention the places like Ijede, Agbaraand co, that it seems like God himself has forgotten to visit. That is where most of Lagos is anyway, yet the large body that is supposed to be looking after these people neglects them for nothing.

I do not know if this neglect is a worldwide phenomenon or if it is limited to Lagos. I hear good things about the north. I had never worried about the roads until a friend of mine lost something because of bad the roads were.

Ibadan to Lagos takes two hours and he was coming into Lagos from Ibadan for a meeting. However, because of a pothole, an accident happened and then there was some heavy traffic and then cars amassed and the road that day looked like a swelling. His plans for 11 am were spoiled as he got into town at 3 PM. He could not be angry. Such was the road and having missed his meeting, he had to return to Ibadan immediately. He just got into the traffic, experienced it and headed back home.

And upon hearing this, right there and then, I started to make plans. Our roads are bad and I will be there to fix them as soon as I can.

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Picture of chinelo okafor
by chinelo okafor - Wednesday, 4 December 2019, 11:27 PM
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It all started at about 8.53pm when Shuaib communicated his interest to run for the post of the ABC Conference on the class whatsapp  group. In his words...“Support me in this journey of selflessness and collective dream”. This caused an eruption as the once quiet group chat was flooded with messages. So many questions awaited his answers.

Before we knew it another one hit us (just like Bro Shaggi) …it was Olayide who believed he could lead the team that will help make the event a success. As a member of the INEC, declaration for the post of presidency would result in the forfeiture of his role in class INEC. This he willingly did while also announcing Richard Ogu as his campaign manager. Shuaib unfazed attributed his calmness to his “Kogi alliance” which he believed would see him through.

Amidst the class banter, Akinfenwa boldly stepped out to declare his intention to run. For him, the drive to contest stems from his passion for business and the benefits that can accrue to an individual as a result of good business management. Dazed by this move and, in a bid, to hold the attention of the crowd, Olayide’s campaign manager Richard Ogu announced the availability of free customized campaign merchandise for all (impressive). This was however met by a counteroffer by Akinfenwa to treat the entire class to breakfast and lunch (wow) …This was a classic Nigerian political plot scene and I was here for it!

Following that, Taiwo indicated interest to run for the Presidency role. Coupled with his experience of being a part of the HR expo he has intentions to bring adventure into the mix... how adventurous are you?

In a surprise twist of events, Arowolo (the current class president), who gave no hint on his desire to run for the position declared his intention at 10.06pm. Some would wonder…Could this be a ploy to distract others from someone? Time would tell.

Just as we were about asking... where are the women? Stephanie steps out in her heels to show us how its done. Her intention is to create a legacy for the class and the school that would be second to none. This was a clear deviation from the current trend. Very bold if I’d say so myself… a true amazon.

Okay this might be the end of my ireport as chats are reducing on the platform… oh, no wait! A dignitary just graced our presence. It is none other than Ebuka Ebuziem whose belief is that our network is our net worth. He has a goal to invite a sitting President for the conference… hmmmn.


While we await the indication of interest of other candidates, two things are sure…indeed this would arguably be an election to remember and the class INEC clearly have a lot of work on their hands.

Reporting for MBA18 news my name is Chinelo, do have a lovely night rest.

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